How To Clean A Scanner

If you are reading this, you have probably been searching for a way to clean your scanner. This simple tutorial will help you clean your scanner in record time.

You’re scanning something of importance, and on the scan, you notice some pesky specks of dust in high resolution. That's your call to action. It's high time that you cleaned your scanner. Although it sounds tedious, it's necessary to keep your scanner in top shape.

In this guide, we will show you how to clean your scanner without damaging it. Roll up your sleeves and get ready!

How To Clean A Scanner Glass

The glass on the scanner - where you keep the documents to be scanned - is susceptible to dust, fingerprints and other contaminants. If you want to keep your scanner glass in pristine condition, you should clean it periodically. Here is how:

  • First, unplug the power cord and place your scanner in a clean, dust-free environment.
  • Then, open the lid to expose the scanner glass.
  • Take a soft cloth - preferably a microfiber cloth - and gently wipe the dust off the glass. Hard or abrasive brush or cloth can damage the glass, and as a result, degrade the scan quality.
  • If the glass is stained with grease or some other stubborn residue, use a mild glass cleaner to clean it. Apply the solution onto the soft cloth and wipe the glass gently.
  • Finally, dry off the glass with a clean, soft cloth.

That's it! Absolutely painless, right? Now you can go back to scanning your important documents without any worry about the quality.

How To Clean A Scanner Feeder And Rollers

Cleaning the Scanner document feeder is a little bit more complicated than cleaning the glass. However, with our guidance, it is a fairly simple process. You need to clean the feeder only if the ADF has trouble feeding documents, you experience scanned image quality problems, or you see a message on your computer telling you to clean it.

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Here is how it is done:

  • First, unplug the power cord and place your scanner in a clean, dust-free environment.
  • Then, open the ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) access door and the roller cover inside the ADF.
  • Start to wipe the ADF rollers with a clean, soft cloth slightly moistened with water - preferably a microfiber cloth. Rotate the rollers a full 360 degrees to clean the complete surface of each roller.
  • Let the rollers dry completely, and then close the ADF roller cover and access door.

Obviously, it's not as easy as it sounds, but it will definitely pay off in the long run. To keep the rollers rolling and your scanner operating at its best, you should clean it periodically. If you use the ADF multiple times a week, monthly cleaning is recommended.

Can You Clean A Scanner With Alcohol?

While rubbing alcohol is often recommended as a cleaning agent on electrical devices, it is not advisable to use it on your scanner.

According to Epson, who manufacture scanners and therefore probably know about these things, alcohol, thinner and other solvents can do damage to scanner components, as well as the case.

A few other care tips worth following:

  • Don't use too much force, especially if you're cleaning the glass of the scanner.
  • We mentioned this above, but don't use a hard brush, as this can scratch the glass.
  • Don't spill liquid or spray lubricants into the scanner mechanism or the electrical components.
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