How to Change Your Google Stadia Username and Avatar

A player’s username and avatar on Google Stadia are their marks of identity. It’s entirely possible to change both but may take some time, mainly due to Google's server-side calculations.

Starting out your Google Stadia username with something too silly or inappropriate can backfire in the long run. It would be best to put your best foot forward when meeting friends or other people on the platform. 

The process for changing your username and avatar is different. Switching avatars just takes a few clicks while changing usernames takes a trip to Stadia’s support site. 

Nevertheless, knowing how to change your username and avatar can be useful in the long run; here’s how you can. 

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Quick Avatar Change 

Changing your avatar in Google Stadia is a simple and can be done as much as you want. To get started, click your Stadia avatar to see the Stadia Settings button. Inside its menus, click on the Stadia Name & avatar button. 

Stadia has a large library of avatars to choose from. Pick one from the list and it should be applied once you hit the Back button.  

So far, Google Stadia only has pre-made avatars for its users. Custom avatars for Google Stadia is not yet a feature for the platform. 

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Filing A Request for a change in Username

On the other end, changing your username in Google Stadia may take some time as you’ll have to proceed to its customer service page. To file your username change, proceed to the Stadia Name & avatar button once again. 

Changing your username will require you to click on the Contact Us button. Doing this will send you to the Google forum where you’ll need to have a Google account used for the Stadia services ready. 

Click on the menu on the upper left corner of the Google support site and find the Contact Us link button once more. This will lead you pick on one of two choices where you’ll be assisted by Google customer support on changing your Stadia username. 

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