How to change Netflix region on iPhone

An image featuring a Netflix show being played on an iPhone screen
Credit: Netflix

An image featuring a Netflix show being played on an iPhone screen
Credit: Netflix

Is it possible to change Netflix region on iPhone? There probably aren't many people who haven't used a streaming service while on their travels, or during their daily commute. So it makes sense that a lot of iPhone users would be included in that number. But is it possible to change your Netflix region, and enjoy the benefits that doing this brings?

That's the thorny question we'll be tackling today. You'll find out whether it's possible, and if so, what the limitations of doing this may be. Here's what you need to know. You might also be interested in knowing how to change your Netflix region on a Smart TV.

How to change Netflix region on iPhone

While it is certainly possible to change your Netflix region, the reality is that Netflix doesn't want you to. So much so, that doing this actually violates the Netflix terms of use (see point 4.3). That being said, while they don't like you doing it, in most parts of the world, it isn't illegal to do so.

In fact, changing Netflix regions isn't (as far as we know) a crime in any country. But there are some countries where the usual methods to enable you to do this are illegal, for reasons other than Netflix watching. But, we don't want this information to lead to anyone being thrown in jail. So do your due diligence, to make sure you aren't breaking any laws in your neighbourhood. Not even Bridgerton is worth jail time.

So with that caveat in mind, exactly how do you go about changing Netflix region on your iPhone?

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Use a VPN

Using a VPN is the most well-known option to access content from different parts of the world. A VPN works by directing your traffic to a server located in another part of the world, and then forwarding it to its destination. This process hides your actual location, and Netflix will set your region based on where the VPN server is located.

To ensure the security of your data, it is important to conduct thorough research and find a reliable VPN service provider. Many providers offer apps that you can download onto your iPhone. After installing the app, you can log in and choose a server in your desired region.

Another option is to connect your iPhone to a home WiFi network that is already connected to a VPN. This way, your iPhone will also use the VPN when connected to that network.

It is important to note that Netflix has started blocking VPN usage, as they have become wise to people using them to bypass region settings. Therefore, don't be surprised if you are unable to access Netflix content via a VPN.

how to change netflix region on iphone
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Proxy server

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A similar option to a VPN is to make use of a proxy server. Like a VPN, this masks your IP address, and makes Netflix think you are located elsewhere. Unlike a VPN though, a proxy server won't mask your data. Additionally, if the proxy server you want to use is 'transparent' or 'anonymous', then don't bother - it won't work.

This is because it tells Netflix that you are using a proxy server. Netflix will then restrict you to content that is available across all regions.

There are two main types of proxy server. A web proxy which you enter via a website. This is potentially going to be most suitable for an iPhone, especially if you are using it on your travels. You can also get some proxy servers as a browser extension, which you can find on the App Store.

Why to change Netflix region

You may be wondering why you'd need to go to all this bother in the first place. And the answer really comes down to having access to all the content which Netflix offers.

It's widely known that not all content is available to all Netflix users in all parts of the world. One reason is that a particularly niche programme might be popular in one region, but not others. But more commonly, it comes down to content rights ownership.

Without going down the rabbit hole of licensing agreements, the summary is this: only content that Netflix owns the broadcast rights to in your region, will automatically be available. In other words, Netflix may own the rights to broadcast a show in Europe, but not North America.

So if Netflix doesn't own the rights to the show or film you want to watch in your region, then it won't be available where you live. And this is the reason why people change their Netflix region. It gives them access to content they otherwise wouldn't be able to get.

So if you find yourself missing out on something you really want to watch, then try the methods we outlined above. But as we mentioned earlier, Netflix really doesn't want you doing this. So don't be surprised if they try to stop you.

What's The Official Policy?

As we mentioned above, Netflix really doesn't want people to do this. So if they detect that are using something like a VPN to mask your true location, then they'll limit your content to TV shows and movies that are available to all regions. This may end up being substantially fewer choices than your local region.

But let's say you are actually moving abroad, or travelling for a period of time, then Netflix is okay with that. If you want to change the country your account is linked to, then you'll need to cancel your account, and wait until your billing cycle has finished.

You can then restart your account (but you have to be in your new country of residence). This will then update your account, so you can access whatever content is available in your new country of residence. So you may see new content, but also lose access to other content.

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