How to connect Oculus Quest to Xbox: Can you connect Oculus Quest 2 to Xbox One or Series X|S?

The immense popularity of the Oculus Quest 2, with games like Half-Life Alyx, has caused people to ask: can you link up the Oculus Quest 2 with your Xbox console? After all, it would be pretty sweet to be able to play your Xbox games in a more immersive way. We also know that you can link up your Xbox One with the Oculus Rift.

In this article, we'll explore the possibilities, and let you know whether pairing these devices is even a remote possibility.

Can you connect Oculus Quest 2 to your Xbox?

Since the fairly tepid response to Microsoft's first foray into non-joypad gaming with the Kinect, they have kept their distance from VR. They don't provide support for VR headsets and don't appear to have any plans to dip their toes back in the water anytime soon.

While there is an app for the Oculus Rift, there isn't currently any official support for the Quest 2, to connect with either the Xbox One or the Series X|S. In conversation with the Verge, a Microsoft representative confirmed that:

VR for console is not a focus for us at this time

So, that seems pretty clear:Quest 2 support does not appear to be inbound on the Xbox One or Series X|S in the near future. But there may just be a couple of other options...

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Are there any connectivity options?

Well, if you really wanted, you could pair your Series X|S or Xbox One controller to your Oculus Quest 2. Many of the games on your Quest won't be compatible with the controller, but some games and apps will work. To do this:

  • Go to Settings in your Quest 2 headset
  • Select Experimental features
  • Enable Bluetooth pairing
  • Choose Pair new device
  • Press the Sync button on your controller

This will then allow you to use your Xbox controller on your Quest 2.

Other ways to play Xbox games on your Oculus Quest 2

While Microsoft hasn't facilitated any direct method of connecting the Quest to your Xbox, there are a couple of ways you can access Xbox games. This is thanks to the presence of Xbox games through your PC. While there are multiple approaches you can take, we will highlight what is probably the easiest:

There are alternative methods using Xbox Game Pass, or Cloud gaming, which a quick explore of a search engine will reveal. But the method mentioned above is about as straightforward as it gets. And who knows? Maybe Microsoft will change their approach by the time the Oculus Quest 3 gets released...

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