How to Beat Hecate in Hades 2 - Who is the Witch of the Crossroads?

Hecate portrait from Hades 2 when speaking to her
Credit: StealthOptional

Hecate portrait from Hades 2 when speaking to her
Credit: StealthOptional

The first boss that will give you trouble in Hades 2 is none other than Hecate, Goddess of Magic and a powerful witch that stands in your way between the first and second areas of the game.

While players waiting for Hades 2 on Nintendo Switch will have to be patient before they can face the Witch of the Crossroads, anyone on PC who's diving into the sequel to 2020's Game of the Year will come against Hecate early on - and here's how you can beat her.

How to Beat Hecate in Hades 2

As a Goddess of Magic, Hecate in Hades 2 delivers some powerful ranged attacks, while also pulling lots of tricks. Here's the best tips to defeat Hecate in Hades 2:

  • Avoid Hecate's cast by sprinting away from her
  • Use the Witch's Staff for mid-range attacks
  • When Hecate clones herself, find the real her ASAP
  • When turned into a sheep, keep running and spamming dodge

Considering Hecate's abilities, it's no surprise that she's a master at trickery, but her magic is equally powerful. At first, you'll need to avoid her ground casts, which create a ring on the ground that can do lots of damage if you don't run away or time your dodges.

That's why we recommend using the Witch's Staff. The fact it's a strong weapon, as well as being paired with mid-range attacks, keeps you at a somewhat safe distance. However, you'll still need to focus on dodging regularly to stay alive.

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Hecate will create clones of herself, all of which can cast spells at you. Dodge to each of the versions of Hecate and attack, and if the health bar doesn't drop, move onto the next one. Sometimes, you can find the real Hecate and deal great amounts of damage as a surprise attack.

Finally, once Hecate turns you into a sheep (the attack seems unavoidable), you'll be in a dangerous situation. Keep moving and spamming dodge to avoid any enemy attacks, as well as Hecate's cast. After about 20-30 seconds, you'll turn back to normal and can continue the attack.

Hades 2 Hecate Boss Fight Rewards

Defeating Hecate in Hades 2 will reward you with a Cinder, an item exclusively rewarded to you by defeating Melinoë's mentor. While it's unclear whether it can unlock other items, the main use is using it to unlock the Umbral Flames weapon.

We'll be sure to upgrade this guide if there's any other uses for Cinder as we play through more of the Hades 2 Early Access, or if the full launch grants more reasons to grind for Cinder.

Who is Hecate in Hades 2?

Hecate, the Witch of the Crossroads, is Melinoë's mentor. You fight her to prove your strength, and that you're strong enough to leave Erebus and take on Chronos, the Titan and antagonist of Hades 2.

As seen in flashbacks, Hecate has been a part of Melinoë's life for plenty of time, training her in the art of witchcraft, and allowing her to grow in strength so that she can defeat Chronos. She teases the fact that she once took on the Titan herself, but Hecate must've failed prior to the events of Hades 2.

In Greek mythology, Hecate is the goddess of magic, crossroads, witchcraft, sorcery, and ghosts, which shouldn't be a surprise considering Hades 2's setting. She was the third generation of Titans, but sided with Zeus, who allowed her to work in Olympus, on Earth, and in the Underworld, thanks to her allegiance with the Gods.

That's how to beat Hecate in Hades 2, as well as what rewards you'll get and who she is. Hopefully, you can defeat the Witch of the Crossroads now, and get into the second area of the game. But, be prepared, as you'll have to fight her plenty of times.

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