How to Add Friends on Google Stadia

More than a service, Google Stadia also fosters a community between its players. Adding friends is a part of any gaming platform.

Stadia’s friend system helps its users check if they can play with their friends if they’re also online. The streaming service’s multiplayer titles can also rely on this feature too. 

Even though Stadia is known to be first of the its kind, its friend list feature has a modern design similar many online services out there. 

Adding friends on the platform is easy, so with that, here’s how to add your friends in Google Stadia. 

Adding Friends 

Google Stadia’s friend list can be found using the Friends icon on the app’s home screen. The Friends icon is usually found near your Stadia avatar regardless if the app is used on Android, iOS or a PC browser. 

The Friends button will provide a quick rundown of your active friends that are also using Stadia. Friend requests can also be easily seen upon pressing the button and press the “Accept” button on those friends with familiar usernames. 

Sending out friend requests is also possible through the same feature. Click on the magnifying glass button and type in your friend’s username. If the name clears out and is correctly spelled, a user will show up on the friend list. Click on the Add button afterwards and wait for them to accept to complete the friend request process. 

Can’t Find Friends? 

At times, a username will be unsearchable in the friend list even though the right username is searched. This problem can be fixed through checking the Stadia’s settings menus. 

Click on the Stadia avatar and press the Stadia settings button inside it. Check inside the Friends and privacy menus to fiddle on the account’s friend request settings. 

The settings available for friend requests are No one, Friends & Their Friends, or All Players. Make sure that your friend sets it to All Players to give the incoming friend request that 100 percent chance of reaching them. 

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