How to add a friend on your Xbox Series X

It's more fun if you can play games on your Xbox Series X along with your friends, isn't it?

Before proceeding with the gaming part of Xbox, you need to add them as your friends in the Xbox Dashboard.

It's a way of joining friends into your games without matching up with random strangers across the world. Especially in these pandemic times, it's the only way to meet up with friends and play with them for now.

With that, here's how to add a friend on your Xbox Series X.

Add friends on your Xbox Series X console

In order for you to add friends on your Xbox Series X console, you need to attempt some steps:

  • Sign in with your account and press the Xbox button located on your controller afterward.
  • Head on to the People tab and choose the Find Someone option.
  • Look for your friends by searching their gamertags.
  • Visit their profile by clicking A and choose the Add Friend option.

You can do this multiple times by looking for your other friends' gamertags.

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Invite friends to play with you in Xbox Series X

To make your Xbox gaming experience even more meaningful, you can invite your friends to join you in playing your games.

You just need to repeat the steps mentioned above. But instead of choosing the Add Friend option, click the Invite button.

Scroll down to the 'Invite to a game' option and click it to send the game invite to your Xbox friend.

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