How Monster Hunter Rise will look better on PC than Nintendo Switch

Capcom's Monster Hunter Rise is a landmark exclusive release for the Nintendo Switch. As a middle ground between the portable titles of old and the AAA powerhouse Monster Hunter World, Rise is a bold enhancement of the main series' direction for less powerful hardware.

However, Monster Hunter Rise will not be on Nintendo Switch forever. Despite its exclusivity of Switch right now, the game has a PC port in the works for next. Detached from the limitations, how could Capcom improve the gameplay experience on PC. Considering the substantial power difference between Switch and most PC gamers' rigs, there's quite a lot on options.

Monster Hunter Rise Resolution

On Nintendo Switch, Monster Hunter runs at two different resolutions depending on how you play the game. In docked mode, the RPG runs at a rock-solid resolution of 1344x756 but that drops to just 960x540 in portable mode.

With the horsepower afforded to players by PC GPUs, pushing the game to a 1080p shouldn't break a sweat on most rigs. In fact, the power gulf should allow high-end PC players to run the game in far higher resolutions. Look forward to playing the Monster Hunter at a full 4K resolution without much hassle.

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Monster Hunter Rise framerate

Curiously, Monster Hunter Rise runs at a locked 30fps on Nintendo Switch with a tiny amount of inconsistencies. Traditionally, Monster Hunter games haven't had extremely steady framerates – especially considering the unlocked nature of multiple titles. Rise's performance profile is very similar to the PSP MonHun games. Just like those PSP entries, the game has a locked 30fps with half-rate animations on far away models.

On PC, both of these limitations should disappear. Not only will the game easily run at 60fps and above, but the game should allow you to have full framerate on far away objects for a more immersive experience.

Monster Hunter Rise PC graphics

The new Monster Hunter on PC should benefit from improved visuals on the whole. Players will be able to push the draw distance and level of detail settings higher allowing the world to feel even more seamless. Higher resolution textures on objects and characters are also a shoe-in.

Of course, there's also the possibility of improved model quality. While not confirmed, models could see a jump in polygon density. However, considering this game and its models were designed for Nintendo Switch from the ground up, this is the least likely improvement.

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