How do I update my AMD Radeon drivers? Here's what you need to do

AMD Radeon runs the AMD Radeon Software device drivers and utility software. This is one major factor why AMD Radeon GPUs could deliver and perform extremely well on the graphics aspect of your PC.

Yet in order to keep up with the latest performance of GPUs, you should update your drivers from time to time.

This is where you could maximize your high-powered GPU, and it will make your AMD Radeon graphics card secured and safer.

And so, here's what you need to do to update your AMD Radeon drivers:

Check your current AMD Radeon system

The first thing you need to do is to check your current AMD Radeon system on your PC or laptop.

Right click on your desktop and choose the AMD Radeon settings. Once the window pops up, select system to get a glimpse of your system's overview.

Then click the software tab to learn more about the graphics driver installed on your PC or laptop.

And then, select view release notes to see the latest details of your driver.

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Update your driver

Now to proceed on updating your current AMD Radeon driver, we and the official support page of AMD Radeon have got it covered.

From the settings bar, click the updates menu. You can see there if a new update is available for your driver.

If there are new ones available, choose those and check the box that will appear once you choose from the updates to install.

Click your desired update, and choose the preferred upgrade option indicated on the screen. Finally, click on proceed to kickstart your upgrade and installation process.

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