Household robots are a matter of ‘when’, not ‘if’, says expert

Elon Musk and Tesla have made it clear that household robots are going to be the norm in the future. It seems that Musk and his companies aren’t alone, as LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman also thinks they are an inevitability.

While there is a fear of what these robots can do, we’ve been assured that they will just handle chores. Hopefully, nothing bad happens and we all just live in a world where these automatons do our bidding for fun.

Are household robots inevitable?

Speaking with Yahoo! Finance, Reid Hoffman says he believes that household robots will be a common occurrence in the future. Hoffman feels that the constant demand of companies like Amazon will lead to more of these worker robots becoming normal.

“I think that's a when, not an if. Although, I also am a great optimist on how a lot of the kind of AI technologies are actually going to be human-amplifying,” says Hoffman. “I mean, we already see this as you-- as you automate factories more. There's a lot more jobs for humans as well now.”

The LinkedIn co-founder is pretty optimistic about humans still having jobs, an initial fear many had when they started appearing. Not helping are the number of sci-fi movies released in the past, not to mention privileged people making off-hand remarks.

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Will robots be a force for good?

Although many of us are worried about Tesla’s humanoid household robots, Hoffman feels that they will eventually pay off. In addition to that, he also believes that there will be even more roles for humans in the future.

“But I think there will be a lot of roles for humans, too. But I do think this kind of humanoid robot, once you're beginning to get the software right, and all the AI, and the things that like open AI and Microsoft and other folks are working on. That will actually in fact create great enhancements and amplifications on the factory floor as well,” says Hoffman.

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