Best House Flipper 2 custom homes

The Alchemist's Shop
Credit: MHoroJIuKuu

The Alchemist's Shop
Credit: MHoroJIuKuu

Looking for more houses to flip for a profit? This list of the best House Flipper 2 custom homes may be just the thing for you.

House Flipper 2 is a simulation game where you are tasked with cleaning, repairing, and renovating homes before selling them on the market. If that sounds like something you can spend hours on, then be sure to take a look at the game’s system requirements and check to see if it’s on Game Pass.

Since the Steam Workshop from the original game is not in the sequel, we’ll have to rely on some mods from for the Best House Flipper 2 custom homes. So, let’s go ahead and take a look at the list.

Umbra's Enchanted Abode interior
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Credit: _Umbracon

Best House Flipper 2 custom homes

The House Flipper community has come up with some great homes that need some sprucing up. Here are some of the best ones to choose from.

Alchemist’s Shop

The Alchemist’s Shop is a cozy little home that can relieve of you stress by simply looking at it from the outside. What this home lacks in size is more than made up for with its simple yet elegant look.

And since this house is a bit smaller than others, fixing it up to 100% won’t be that difficult. Working on the Alchemist’s Shop is a great way to spend time in House Flipper 2.

Hidden Hill Hideout

If you’re looking for something that has more of a challenge, then the Hidden Hill Hideout is worth a try. To say this home starts out as a mess is a pretty big understatement since it’s basically a cave with a few hints of a house here and there.

Repairing the Hidden Hill Hideout will also uncover some of the house’s secrets, so flipping this home could also lead to some interesting revelations.

Umbra’s Enchanted Abode

Ever wonder what it would be like to work on a hobbit hole? You can sate that curiosity by downloading the Umbra’s Enchanted Abode custom home for House Flipper 2.

Though its interior may look a bit too modern for a hobbit hole, the outside looks like it belongs right in the Shire.

So those are some of the best custom homes that are currently available for House Flipper 2. While you’re here, you may also be interested in checking to see if this house flipping simulator has co-op multiplayer.

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