Hot Black Friday deal: Get 56% OFF this Nintendo Switch micro SD card, with 128GB storage!

As another Black Friday arrives, many are scouting the sites to see if they can buy something to improve their gaming setup; whether that's in storage, graphics, or even chairs.

When it comes to the Nintendo Switch and its paltry 32GB storage, that space runs out quick, and it can be difficult to find a card that's not only affordable, but also has plenty of storage available.

Which is why there’s a fantastic deal on a 128GB microSD card over on Amazon.

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Expanding the Nintendo Switch is always a plus, here's why you should be looking at storage products over the next few days.

Why is this Deal SO good?

Memory card storage has been something gamers have been looking at ever since the Sony PSP launched. Back in the days of finding a 512MB card for £40 was once seen as a good deal.

Now, with the Nintendo Switch allowing up to 2TB of storage on a memory card, it's up to the gamer to make sure that there's a card that has good storage, but also good speed when the Switch reads and writes to the card.

This is why this particular card is great for your Switch. It's got a huge breadth of storage, while having fast read/write speeds at a great price.

But if you want the same card without the mushroom logo and at a lower price, that's also an option.

BUY NOW:Grab this great microSD deal here!

What other Black Friday Deals are on?

As 'Black Friday' doesn't strictly land only on a Friday, there's plenty of opportunity to look at more deals across the spectrum, from Steam to Apple acessories.

One to highlight is the Steam Sale. It's usually on three times a year, and right now, the 'Autumn Sale' is on. From Onimusha to Half Life Alyx, there's plenty of deals for many here.

Another are the monitors. From ultra-wide to huge screen, there's plenty to choose for Black Friday. One in particular is the ultra-wide Acer Predator z35P, which are especially great for FPS games, or just Warzone.

There's many deals to find, and there's always new ones to discover as the hours pass, however if you're wanting more gaming deals, check back here for more soon.

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