How to fast travel in Horizon Forbidden West and Burning Shores

Aloy swimming under water in Horizon Forbidden West
Credit: PlayStation

Aloy swimming under water in Horizon Forbidden West
Credit: PlayStation

Horizon Forbidden West encourages you to travel in many different styles when you're exploring the world and playing the game, such as gliding, zipwire or even grappling around the map. However, at times you’ll need to know how to fast travel - especially if you can do it for free!

Firstly, you’ll want to make sure your PC meets the Horizon Forbidden West's system requirements. You should also check out the Horizon Forbidden West's machines list to ensure your weapons are strong enough to help defeat the robots along the way.

How to fast travel in Horizon Forbidden West

Based on the PlayStation version, before having access to fast travel in Horizon Forbidden West, you need to survive through the first missions. You'll have to get to the mission 'To The Brink' to unlock this feature. When you’re on the map looking to fast travel, hover yourself over your preferred campfire and press the R2 button to activate this.

Horizon Forbidden West allows you to fast travel for free, unlike Horizon Zero Dawn where you had to purchase or craft the golden fast travel pack to be able to teleport for an unlimited amount of time. In Horizon Forbidden West, all you have to do is be within 20 meters of a campfire. These are found in settlements and located at the shelters. However, you can only fast-travel from campfires if you have previously visited them.

Campfires are where players can save the progress of their game, so you may as well hit save whilst you’re there before teleporting.

Alternatively, fast travel packs cost 25 metal shards, these packs can be bought from nearly any hunting merchant throughout the game. To craft your own fast travel pack, you’ll need 10 Ridge-Wood and 3 Wild Meat, you can get the meat from wild boars or peccaries.

Now that you have figured out how to fast-travel in Horizon Forbidden West, be sure to find out how to start Burning Shores in the game, which will give you plenty of additional story thanks to the Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores length.

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