Hori Nintendo Switch Split Pad Pro Pac-Man Edition: First Look, Price, Release Date and Pre-Order Guide

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It may be a bit of tongue-twister to say out loud but the Switch Split Pad Pro Pac-Man Edition is a seriously cool alternative to the standard Joy-Cons.

Designed by Hori and officially licensed by Nintendo, this split pad gives you a full-size controllers experience while playing in handheld mode.

There have been a few different split pads released since the Switch launched in 2017 but the very slick Pac-Man design takes this one up a level. 

Here’s all the information you need about this retro-inspired Switch accessory…

Switch Split Pad Pro Pac-Man Edition features

Offering a full-sized control experience for your Switch, the split pad is a chunky accessory but for those who regularly play their Switch in handheld mode, it’s an essential tool. 

Giving you larger grips, buttons, triggers, analog sticks and a bigger d-pad, if you find the Joy-Con controllers to be too small for your hands then this is an ideal alternative. 

Hori has released the Split Pad Pro in a few different designs but this Pac-Man version has to be its best effort yet. 

Fully licensed by Bandi Namco, it features the iconic retro character alongside his ghostly enemies and plenty of yellow dots as well.

pac man stealth mid
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pac man stealth mid 2
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Switch Split Pad Pro Pac-Man Edition price

We haven’t got UK pricing for the Pac-Man Edition just yet, but the standard version of the Split Pad Pro goes for around £44.99 so we expect a price in that region. 

In the US it’s been confirmed that it’ll cost $59.99 on release. 

Switch Split Pad Pro Pac-Man Edition release date

The Switch Split Pad Pro Pac-Man Edition is scheduled to release in the US on 19th November 2020.

A UK release date hasn’t been confirmed quite yet, however, we expect it’ll launch over here around the same date. 

Switch Split Pad Pro Pac-Man Edition pre-order guide

Pre-orders are now live on Amazon in the US, grabs yours here.

No retailers in the UK are currently taking pre-orders, but the minute they are we will update this page. 

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