How to fix Honkai Star Rail error code 602_0

Credit: miHoYo

Credit: miHoYo

Fans who have been dealing with Honkai Star Rail error code 602_0 will be whelmed to know that they aren’t alone, as it has plagued plenty of players.

No matter how good the game is, miHoYo’s hit RPG has been plagued with issues like error code 1001_2, error code 1001_3 and error code 1001_1. This is just the nature of online-only games, as many of them always go through these issues.

Right now, we’ll cover Honkai: Star Rail error code 602_0, what kind of error it is, and how to solve it. Players of the hit RPG will be able to start grinding for summons again in no time.

What is Honkai Star Rail error code 602_0?

In case players are curious about the cause, Honkai Star Rail error code 602_0 usually happens due to a network connectivity issue. Anyone who has played any game with some form of online multiplayer will have encountered this, as the issue is simply unavoidable.

Due to the nature of the internet and online gaming, fans of any title will go through this one way or another. Mobile gamers are probably used to this the most, as there are very few free-to-play titles that don’t rely on an internet connection. Even then, those that want certain rewards will need some sort of internet to get them.

At the least, this isn’t a game-breaking issue, so Honkai Star Rail players won’t have to worry about losing their data. Sure, not logging in and getting that sweet pull is annoying, but there are much worse issues out there.

How to fix Honkai Star Rail error code 602_0

Thankfully, fans will be happy to know that Honkai Star Rail error code 602_0 is a fairly easy fix that most should be able to handle. As long as it’s related to internet connectivity, these issues are more than solvable for fans of the game.

Here are some tips to fix Honkai Star Rail error code 602_2:

  • Switch your Wi-Fi: You can connect to a stronger network or even connect to mobile data, as long as you have enough signal.
  • Turn off VPN or adblockers: Since Honkai is server-based, using VPNs might mess up where your game is signed in to. If you’re planning to play this more, make sure to turn off your VPN.
  • Restore DNS to default: Go to your advanced internet settings and restore DNS servers to default.
  • Restart your router: Sometimes it is just your internet being bad, believe it or not.
  • Check on miHoYo: There’s always a chance that the company announced that servers are busy or will be fixed, hence, not being able to log-in. If worse comes to worst, simply message the company about your issues.

That’s what we know about fixing Honkai Star Rail error 602_2. It’s similar to a number of issues that plague online-only mobile games, so players should stay calm and do what they can. Hopefully, this helped players and will let them continue enjoying Honkai Star Rail on their preferred systems.

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