Homeworld 3 is a Resource Hog, But At Least It’s Pretty

homeworld 3 gorgeous game strong pc
Credit: Blackbird Interactive

homeworld 3 gorgeous game strong pc
Credit: Blackbird Interactive


  • Homeworld 3 is going to use all of your PC to give you a gorgeous game
  • Blackbird Interactive will try to make this work on other systems, but players still need to meet the minimum requirements
  • We now know why this game was delayed four times

Homeworld 3 is going to be a gorgeous game when it comes out, but that also means it’s going to use every bit of your PC. With the space simulator coming out in a few weeks, users should prepare their computers and make sure that it can run this gorgeous title.

Developer Blackbird Interactive revealed the game’s system requirements, showing that players will need a hefty PC to even play this space sim. The game’s minimum resolution is 1080p, it has intense settings for the GPU and CPU, fans can check out what they need below.

Simply put, Homeworld 3 is going to be a graphically intensive game when it comes out, so players will really need to prepare. Make sure your graphics cards are updated if you want to play this game perfectly, otherwise, it’s going to be a mess.

The devs did say that they want this space simulator to support a variety of systems, but fans will have to follow the minimum requirements to play it. While this game won’t completely take up your SSD, it’s only going to be 40GB, this space sim is still going to use all of your GPU and CPU.

Considering how much power this RTS requires, we can see why Homeworld 3 was delayed so much, as the game is going to be beautiful. Still, four delays is a bit much, but it looks like the RTS is finally going to come out in a few weeks. Let’s hope nothing else happens and the game comes out to rave reviews, though we’ll wait for its official release.

Blackbird Interactive did release a demo of the game, using fan reception to make major changes to the game as they see fit. It seems that the devs really care about the game, as they try to please everyone and release a quality product.

Homeworld 3 will be coming out on PC on May 13. That’s only a few weeks away so fans will be mixing it up with alien worlds fairly soon.

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