HOI4 Arms Against Tyranny release date and details

HOI4 Arms Against Tyranny release date soldiers on a mountain

HOI4 Arms Against Tyranny release date soldiers on a mountain

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This classic strategy game from Paradox Interactive offers many hours of gameplay for all fans of strategic war games. A recent announcement is bringing even more content, of the Northern variety. But when? Let’s find out the Hearts of Iron 4 Arms Against Tyranny release date and what we know about it.

There are other great strategy games from the company, such as the upcoming Cities Skylines II. But the Hearts of Iron series has many fans of wargames excited, as it manages to greatly replicate the precision of a strategic board game with the freedom of a videogame

Still, if you are looking forward to playing with some Northern countries, then we have to look ahead. Let’s find out all about the Hearts of Iron 4 Arms Against Tyranny release date and speculate on its release.

When is the Arms Against Tyranny release date?

The expansion was announced by Paradox Interactive in June 2023, so we can easily speculate that it might be released in time for Christmas of 2023. Naturally, until we have a direct confirmation from the company, this is just mere speculation, but it would made sense to hit the Christmas release date of this year for sure. Anyway, we are pretty sure it will be released before end of the year.

Alongside the expansion, the company has confirmed that it will release a patch for the full game. The game will be brought to its 1.13 version. There will be many changes and additions to the division structure, economy, and presets. The developers have confirmed the 1.13 patch will also bring some Quality of life improvements

What is Arms Against Tyranny about?

The new Hearts of Iron 4 expansion will focus on the relationship between four Northern democracies, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark and the neighboring authoritarian regimes. Players can decide in which direction to take these frail relationships, if towards war or some clever diplomacy.

The expansion will feature a whole new campaign, called The Winter War where, as Finland, we’ll have to defend our territory against the Soviet expansion. The expansion also introduces new alternative histories for the Scandinavian nations, along with brand new focus trees. It will also allow players to customize weapons manufacturers, along with presenting new ways to exploit neutrality for the benefit of your own citizens.

That’s all you need to know about the Hearts of Iron 4 Arms Against Tyranny release date. But if you’re curious about the other Paradox strategy games, we’d recommend checking out our guides on Cities Skylines 2 on Xbox and Crusader Kings 2 console commands.

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