Hogwarts Legacy is officially the best Steam Deck game of 2023

hogwarts legacy wins best steam deck game award
Credit: Valve/Warner Bros.

hogwarts legacy wins best steam deck game award
Credit: Valve/Warner Bros.

Hogwarts Legacy didn’t win anything during The Game Awards, it didn’t even get a nomination, but it seems that the Steam Deck community feels differently. During this year’s Steam Awards, the open-world wizarding game ended up winning the Best Game on Steam Deck category.

Valve’s Steam Awards page showcases the title’s victory, showing that Diablo 4, Brotato, and Dredge are song the finalists for this category. It does help that the title was blessed with a “Steam Verified” status, ensuring that most people who bought the Deck can buy it and play it immediately.

“This game was so good, you wanted to take it everywhere,” said the Steam page. “So you grabbed your Steam Deck and did! Luckily, everything that made it endlessly playable at your desk got even better on the go.”

Being able to play an open-world game like Hogwarts Legacy on the go will still feel surreal to many, even if we’re getting used to them now. Open-world games seem to have made a huge impact in this year’s Steam Awards, as Red Dead Redemption 2 also won the Labor of Love award for some reason.

Hogwarts Legacy wins this year's best Steam Deck game award
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Credit: Steam/Warner Bros.

Luckily, it’s not just the Steam Deck where players can enjoy their wizarding adventures wherever they like, as the title performs pretty well on Nintendo Switch. Granted, that version of the open-world game has a couple of corners cut, but for what it is, this port is an astonishing achievement.

While Hogwarts Legacy is a quality title, it’s a shame that everything surrounding this was controversial. For those unaware, J.K. Rowling has shown a ton of transphobic tendencies in recent years, leaving many Harry Potter fans divided on what to do with her work. It’s a real shame, especially since the devs worked hard to give everyone a good game, especially with all the last-gen ports.

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Fans can pick up Hogwarts Legacy right now on Steam, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and Nintendo Switch.

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