Best Hogwarts Legacy PS5 cheats

Hogwarts Legacy Ps5 cheats approaching eye chests

Hogwarts Legacy Ps5 cheats approaching eye chests

If you've been playing Hogwarts Legacy perhaps you have been wishing to have some shortcuts, perhaps to get money or to learn some skills faster? Well, let's take a look if there are any useful Hogwarts Legacy PS5 cheats.

Since its release, Hogwarts Legacy has had fans of the Harry Potter series excited to try out and get enrolled in the school to learn some new spells.

But, would we actually have a chance to use any Hogwarts Legacy PS5 cheats?

Are there any Hogwarts Legacy PS5 cheats?

As a matter of fact, the game does not feature - at the moment - any cheat menu or secret codes to enter. While there are some trainers and software you could use, on PC especially, this is not recommended as it might easily get you banned.

But still, there are a couple of tricks that work on PS5. For example, the money glitch where you can earn money faster by tricking the Eye chests. You can do that by being invisible, by using the Disillusionment Charm, for example, thus approaching the chests without being seen.

The charm is gifted to you as a reward for completing the quest called “Secrets of the Restricted Section”, which you can get by interacting with the character Sebastian Sallow, at night in the Central Hall.

Or, again, there are some big chests in the game which contain legendary items which you can trick, by doing a manual save and checking the contents of the chest. If it's not a legendary item you can use, just reload the save and try again as many times as you like.

Will there be Hogwarts Legacy cheats in the future?

Probably not, since the game also has full online functionality that would mean it would be unfair for some of the players.

While, at the moment, the Terms of Service of Hogwarts Legacy do not specify anything regarding cheats, that still does mean that players that are trying to trick the system by using modifications will get banned.

Anyway, there are some crazy Hogwarts Legacy mods though. For instance, a Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer mod lets you explore the Wizarding World together.

That is all we have for you about Hogwarts Legacy PS5 cheats. If you're looking for more info on the game, check out our guides on how to use a broom and how to get Avada Kedavra.

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