Hogwarts Legacy DLC rumours and what to expect

Hogwarts Legacy DLC rumours and what to expect
Credit: WB Games

Hogwarts Legacy DLC rumours and what to expect
Credit: WB Games

It's not been so long since the action RPG set in the wizarding world of Harry Potter was released, but players are already waiting to know about the Hogwarts Legacy DLC plans.

Developers have been tight-lipped about the details of any potential DLC, but hints and teasers have fans speculating about what new adventures they might expect. Could they meet new characters or play Quidditch?

In this article, we'll take a closer look at what the Hogwarts Legacy DLC plans have in store for players. So, let's get started!

Will there be any DLCs for Hogwarts Legacy?

As of this writing, no DLC has been officially confirmed for Hogwarts Legacy.

That said, it is common for games to receive additional content in the form of DLCs or expansions after their release, so there is a chance that an expansion pack might be released.

Whether Hogwarts Legacy will receive DLCs will largely depend on various factors such as the game's reception and commercial success. The fact that Hogwarts Legacy is Steam's top-selling game and is already one of the biggest games of all time makes it highly likely that more content will be added.

Moreover, multiple rumours and leaks hint at the possibility of additional content for Hogwarts Legacy. The signs are looking positive for more content coming to the game. But, whether or not this will happen remains to be seen.

Update (20/02/2023): Speaking with IGN, game director Alan Tew confirmed that there are currently no plans to add DLC to the Harry Potter title. According to Tew, the team at Avalanche Studios put all of their focus on the base game, with no plans to make additional content.

Potential Hogwarts Legacy DLC plans

Given the vast and rich world of Harry Potter, there are many possibilities for DLC content that could expand the player's experience at Hogwarts and beyond.

Here are a few ideas that fans of the game can expect from future DLCs:

Quidditch matches

One potential DLC plan could be the inclusion of Quidditch as a playable sport within the game. Every asset needed for Quidditch such as brooms, uniforms, balls, and even the Quidditch pitch is in the game. The only thing that is missing is the actual code to play, which can be introduced into the game as DLC.

New spells and potions to master

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Another possibility could be the introduction of new spells and potions to learn and master. The player's character could attend new classes specifically designed to teach these new spells and potions, and there could be opportunities to use these new skills in battles against enemies.

New classes to take

The DLC could also introduce new classes for players to attend, such as Ancient Runes, Arithmancy, and Muggle Studies. These classes could offer unique challenges and gameplay opportunities, and could also delve deeper into the rich lore of the Harry Potter universe.

New places to explore

Finally, the DLC could open up new places to explore within the wizarding world, such as St Mungo's, Diagon Alley, and maybe even the Ministry of Magic. These new locations could offer new challenges, secrets to uncover, and items to collect.

Of course, these are just a few examples of the many potential directions that the developers could take with future DLC for Hogwarts Legacy. It's always exciting to see how a game can expand and evolve over time, and the wizarding world of Harry Potter offers endless possibilities for new content and experiences.

Hogwarts Legacy DLC release date

Well, Hogwarts Legacy DLC is not in development despite massive sales.

At the moment, the devs are busy fixing performance issues such as crashing and stuttering in the game. Their priority lies in making the game stable and smooth for the players to enjoy.

Once they have accomplished that, they will probably focus on DLC content, if Hogwarts Legacy DLCs are in their plans. So, keep an eye on the official channels of the game for any updates or announcements regarding future DLCs or updates.

And that is everything we know so far about the Hogwarts Legacy DLC plans. Since you are here, have a look at the Diricawl location in Hogwarts Legacy and learn how to take advantage of the Hogwarts Legacy money glitch.

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