Hitman 3 graphics comparison video: It's 1440p Ultra vs 1080p Low in the battle of PC settings

It's only been a week since Hitman 3 released to critical acclaim, including our own review over at Gfinity.

However, even though there's been plenty of comparisons on the Xbox One / Xbox Series X, many are curious as to how it runs on PC.

Especially with the feature that allows previous missions from Hitman 1 and 2 to be played in the updated Hitman 3 engine, many want to see just how it runs on a PC.

Fear not; we have you covered, showing you the framerate at many resolutions.

Hitman Threeie

Our colleagues ran through IO Interactive's third entry through an intensive benchmark, using the following PC specifications:

  • CPU: Intel i9-10900K
  • GPU: Nvidia RTX 2080 Super
  • RAM: 32GB @ 3000MHz
  • SSD: M.2 SSD at 3000MB/s

From Dubai to Dartmoor, we ran it through an intense benchmark in the following resolutions:

  • 1080 Low
  • 1440P Ultra

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Benchmark Results

We discovered that on 1080p in Low settings, regardless of whether it was in any of the levels from Hitman 3, that the frame-rate average was 182 FPS, with its highest being around 307FPS.

Granted, this is from a 2080 Super, the high-end of NVIDIA's previous generation, but it's a good foundation to see how your GPU could work with the game.

When it came to 1440p on Ultra settings however, we saw the average framerate hover around 65FPS, with its max being 137FPS in some places.

It's a testament to how well-optimised the third entry is; especially when you factor in the maps from previous Hitman games. With the newest GPU lines from AMD and NVIDIA in short supply, there's plenty of opportunity to look into a similar card to the NVIDIA GeForce 2080 Super if you were looking to build or upgrade your Gaming PC for Hitman.

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