How to bypass the queue in Helldivers 2

bypass the queue in Helldivers 2 - An image of 4 Helldivers standing on a mountain

bypass the queue in Helldivers 2 - An image of 4 Helldivers standing on a mountain

To those of you eagerly waiting in the Helldivers 2 queue, looking for a way to bypass it and jump straight into the game: we have got some strategies for you.

The immense popularity of Helldivers 2 has led to server capacities being stretched to their limits, often resulting in players being placed in queues to manage the influx of traffic. Understandably, no one enjoys waiting to join the game and seeks immediate access.

Fortunately, we've got your back with strategies to help you bypass those queues and dive straight into the action. But before that, check out how to fix error code 10002038 in Helldivers 2.

How to bypass the queue in Helldivers 2

The best way to bypass or skip the queue in Helldivers 2 and get into the game servers is to connect with a player already in the game, such as a friend or someone from the Steam forum (for PC and Steam Deck users), and join their session.

You can join your friends on PSN via a party, invite or their profile. To join friends on Steam, navigate to your friend's profile and select "Join Game." Ensure that the game is completely closed before attempting to join them.

For PS5 players looking to connect with others in Helldivers 2, Reddit can be a valuable resource. People often share their PSN IDs in Reddit threads related to the game or you could ask them if they want to get connected on PSN.

Steam users looking to bypass queues in Helldivers 2 can navigate to the Steam Community and peruse the general discussions for players who are currently in the game. By visiting their profile, you can easily join their session by clicking on "Join Game."

When attempting this method, you may briefly see a black screen. It's important not to close the game or attempt a restart during this time. Instead, patiently wait, and you should successfully load into the game shortly.

It doesn't always work, as reported by many users. Therefore, it's not a foolproof solution. However, it can still be useful, especially when facing errors like "Login limit reached" or "Servers at capacity," offering an alternative way to try and access the game.

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