Helldivers 2 "Login limit reached" - how to bypass the login queue

Helldivers 2 "Login limit reached" - An image of a helldiver with a gun in a field.

Helldivers 2 "Login limit reached" - An image of a helldiver with a gun in a field.

For those facing the "Login limit reached" error in Helldivers 2 and struggling to get into the game, there are various strategies available to bypass the login queue.

Helldivers 2's popularity has led to instances where the servers reached full capacity, causing errors such as "Failed to connect to the server," "Servers at capacity," and error code 10002038. The "Login limit reached" error is another symptom of the server's inability to accommodate the overwhelming demand from its player base.

In this guide, we will present a variety of strategies, sourced both from our insights and contributions from Reddit users, to effectively navigate around the login challenges. These methods aim to facilitate quicker access to the game, despite server constraints.

How to fix Helldivers 2 "Login limit reached" error

To fix the Helldivers 2 "Login limit reached" error, our options are limited because the problem originates from the server side. The viable strategy is to wait until the traffic subsides or attempt to connect during off-peak hours.

Several Reddit users have reported success in bypassing the login issue by watching the intro video, suggesting it as a potential workaround. However, this method hasn't been universally effective, as others have not experienced the same positive outcome.

A comprehensive solution is to scale the game's infrastructure to manage higher loads more efficiently, improve server capacity, and possibly implement more sophisticated load management techniques to ensure stability and accessibility for all players.

Thankfully, the devs have addressed this issue and have communicated on Discord that they are working with their partners "to get the ceiling raised." We can hope that the login limit as well as the concurrent players cap will be increased soon.

What does the "Login limit reached" error in Helldivers 2 mean?

The login limit refers to the number of login attempts or sessions the game server can handle per minute, aimed at preventing overloads. The "Login limit reached" error in Helldivers 2 indicates that the server's threshold for accepting new login requests has been exceeded at that particular time.

Initially, Helldivers 2 had a login limit of 10K connections per minute, covering both PS5 and PC platforms. Later, in response to its rising popularity, the developers doubled the capacity for incoming connections, raising the limit to 20K connections per minute to better accommodate the influx of players and improve access.

That covers everything about the "Login limit reached" error in Helldivers 2. Before you head off, make sure you check out our other Helldivers 2 troubleshooting guides on common issues such as matchmaking not working and quickplay not working.

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