Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions gameplay leaks, and Potterheads are hyped

harry potter quidditch champions gameplay leaks
Credit: Warner Bros.

harry potter quidditch champions gameplay leaks
Credit: Warner Bros.

Gameplay footage of Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions has leaked online, exciting fans all around the world. As expected, numerous DMCA takedowns have taken place since, as Warner Bros attempts to scrub the footage from the internet.

Finding these leaks is like getting the Golden Snitch now but those who have seen it are praising the gameplay. Players on Reddit were impressed with how fun flight looked, especially since the broom controls for Hogwarts Legacy were far from ideal.

Some fans have also said that Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions looks a bit like the classic PS2 game Harry Potter: World Cup. While that game got mixed reviews at the time, it has a special place in the hearts of fans so this should be considered a compliment.

"This honestly looks a lot like the old quidditch game," said DuskWing13.

Another interesting compliment is that players are calling it Rocket League in the sky which is a very good thing to say. Rocket League is still one of the most popular multiplayer games out there and the fact that it’s still doing well after transitioning to Free-to-Play is a testament to that.

"Kinda looks like Rocket League in the sky," says Vibraxas.

It seems that the Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions gameplay leak has actually got fans more excited for the game, which is obviously a win. Prior to this, fans were worried that this would just be a cash grab of the license, especially since it’s Free-to-Play. The fact that Quidditch was scrapped from Hogwarts Legacy didn’t help, though this might end up being the right decision.

Considering how hot the Harry Potter brand is right now, we wouldn’t be surprised if Quidditch Champions ends up getting a ton of downloads and money. Fans of Harry Potter are pretty nostalgic over the franchise and any skins featuring Harry, Ron, Hermione, or Draco will make Warner Bros. a ton of cash.

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No release date for Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions has been announced but it's expected to release on all major consoles and PC.

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