Halo Infinite Game Pass Requires Purchase Error: Can't Play Halo Infinite On Game Pass

The release of Halo Infinite's campaign mode was eagerly anticipated by Game Pass subscribers, as they were promised access from day one. However, reports indicate that some players are receiving a Halo Infinite Game Pass Error. Their attempts to actually play the game have been unsuccessful. So what's happening? And is there a remedy for this particular issue? We'll explain what you need to know, right here.

How To Fix Halo Infinite Game Pass Requires Purchase Error

If you have been hit by this unfortunate error, the first thing to do is wait. As unintuitive as this may seem, previous experience tells us that when this has happened before, waiting for thirty minutes or so is often enough to resolve the issue.

If the waiting game doesn't bring this to a relatively swift and simple conclusion, what then? The next thing to do is to ensure that you have installed the full game plus any day one updates. We already know that players who own the disc version of the game are unable to play the game without a hefty download of what appears to be the campaign. But additionally, there seems to be an additional update of between 2GB and 4GB. We'd recommend you download before you try to play the game.

Some players seem to have found that before downloading this update, they were receiving this error. However once they'd finished the download, the game seemed to then work.

Finally, make absolutely certain that you are signed in using the correct account. If you are trying to play the game with an account that doesn't have an active Game Pass subscription, that would also stop you from being able to play.

If, after all this, you are still struggling, it's probably time to contact 343 Industries for some extra help.

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What Is The Halo Infinite Game Pass Requires Purchase Error?

As we stated earlier, game pass subscribers were promised day-one access to Halo Infinite when it launched. However, for some players, when they attempt to actually play the game, they receive a message telling them that the game needs to be purchased before they can play it. Clearly, this shouldn't be happening.

Ultimately, if you have an active game pass subscription, then the error is clearly at the Microsoft end. The reason for this issue is unclear at the moment. But it has been known to happen with other games that have also launched on game pass on day one. One possible explanation lies in the way that the game appears to have been split. The fact that downloading the update seems to help make the Halo Infinite campaign playable via Game Pass, may suggest that the issue is caused by not having the complete game installed initially.

Hopefully, our fixes will do the trick for you. But if not, we can probably expect this to be dealt with quickly by Microsoft.

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