Halo Infinite Challenges Not Working: How To Fix Broken Multiplayer Challenges In Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite has landed with a surprise release on November 15th. It has been generally well received, although given that this is technically classed as a Beta period, there have been a few issues. Players have been noticing an issue with Halo Infinite challenges not working. Specifically, players are finding that when completing the weekly challenges that the game presents, they are unable to register tham as complete, even when they have met the criteria for the challenge. Weekly challenges are a valuable way to gain levels in the Battle Pass system, so it can be frustrating to miss out on hard-earned rewards and XP. But how can it be fixed?

If this problem has hit you, then don't feel the need to destroy your television in a fit of rage just yet. We've put together some fixes that will help you overcome the challenges issues. Hopefully, by the time you've worked your way through these, you'll no longer have this issue, and your TV will remain intact.

How To Fix Halo Infinite Challenges Not Working

There are several potential remedies to the Halo Infinite challenges not working issue. Work through these in order, and see which one works for you. While each of these sugggestions has worked for some players, we are yet to see anything which has worked for everyone. Here are our top recommendations.

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Restart Halo Infinite

It's the time-honoured classic fix. The old, 'turn-it-off-and-then-on-again' routine. But make sure you have quit Halo Infinite before you then restart your console. We'd recommend doing a full power cycle, so shut it down completely, and unplug it for a couple of minutes. Then power it back up and relaunch the game. A system reboot can also be effective for other Halo Infinite bugs, so it's well worth trying in the first instance.

Try Solo Queuing

Some players have found that this issue can be resolved by joining a random team, rather than playing alongside friends. So give this a try, and see if it works for you. It's unclear why this works, but it's been effective for enough players to make it worth a try.

Link Halo Waypoint To Your Xbox Account

This fix was first recommended by @HaloSupport if players hadn't received SR152 or Collection Conqueror Rewards, and is about as close to an 'official' fix as we have at the moment. It's a workaround that does seem to have been consistently effective:

All being well, soon after you should find that your missing in-game rewards are now visible and available to you. You can check your redeem code history through the following steps:

  • Select your user icon.
  • Choose Redeem Code.
  • Select History.

This fix appears to be particularly effective for players who are yet to link their Xbox account with Halo Waypoint.

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Challenge Swaps

One of the features of Halo Infinite, is the ability to use tokens to swap their weekly challenges. Tokens are aquired on the battle pass as a result of completing challenges. Some players have reported that by utilising this function to swap challenge items, they have been able to circumvent this particular problem. It does mean that you burn up some tokens you may have earmarked for something else. And it's also unclear whether the broken challenges will be replayable in the future. But it is a potential workaround to fixing the Halo Infinite challenges not working, as it appears to make challenge tracking start working again.

Reinstall Halo Infinite

A final option, is to press the kill switch, and uninstall, then reinstall Halo Infinite. Perhaps slightly strangely, this seems to have worked for some players, even though the issue appears to be linked to their Microsoft account. No, we can't explain it. But if you're getting desperate, feel free to give it a try.

Why Are Halo Infinite Challenges Not Working?

At the moment, there is no official explanation about why Halo Infinite challenges aren't working. The developers have confirmed that they are aware of the problem though, and are working on an update to try to resolve it. So keep checking for updates, and install them as soon as you can. A recent update means that the team already think they have reolved the issue with the following challenges:

  • Heat of the Moment 
  • It Bears Repeating 
  • Jorge Would Be Proud 
  • Ultra Tech 

But if you are still having problems, and in the unlikely event that none of the tips we outlined above work, then an update is a little like Obi-Wan Kenobi was to Princess Leia: your only hope.

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