Hades 2 coming to Early Access sooner than expected

hades 2 coming to early access sooner than expected
Credit: SuperGiant Games

hades 2 coming to early access sooner than expected
Credit: SuperGiant Games

Hades 2 immediately made an impact when it was announced during last year’s Game Awards, with many desperate to play this follow-up. While an official release date hasn’t been confirmed, SuperGiant Games announced that it will be hitting Early Access next year.

A blog post from SuperGiant revealed that this highly-anticipated sequel will be coming to Early Access sometime in Q2 2024. No exact date was given but players will get the chance to play this on Steam and the Epic Games Store.

SuperGiant claims that the sequel’s Early Access version will have just as much content as the first Hades when it first launched on Early Access. This means that fans shouldn’t expect a full ending to the sequel, though they will get to hack and slash a number of enemies while waiting.

Early Access was crucial to the success of Hades, so seeing Hades 2 continue that tradition makes perfect sense. It was through Early Access that players were able to give their feedback to the devs and make the first game such a huge success. Baldur’s Gate 3 did the same and it’s now one of the most popular titles available.

The original Hades made a huge splash when it was officially released, launching on PC and the Nintendo Switch in 2020. Considering how it was the height of the pandemic, Hades was able to give players a relatable roguelike experience where both the player and the character felt that “escape” was impossible. It also helped that the combat was fantastic and the art was incredible, leading to a ton of fan variations.

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Hopes are high on Hades 2, as it will continue this intriguing take on the Greek Gods. Apollo, Moros, and Nemesis have been confirmed for the sequel, alongside a frail-looking version of Hades himself. The fact we’re controlling Mellinoe, the sister of Zagreus, has us more intrigued.

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