GTA 6 may not arrive on PC for several years

GTA 6 screengrab, woman in bikini stands near rooftop pool

GTA 6 screengrab, woman in bikini stands near rooftop pool

With the new trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6 doing numbers for Rockstar over on YouTube, the attention is drawn to the game's release date. So far, only a vague 2025 release window has been given. While this may surprise a few who expected the game to show up sometime in 2024, the latest news may or may not surprise the PC gamers among us.

Tom Warren, senior editor at The Verge, posted some interesting information regarding the platforms GTA 6 will initally launch on.

Tom states, "Rockstar Games confirms GTA 6 is coming to PS5 and Xbox Series S/X in 2025, but no mention of a PC release date." As seen in the tweet above, Tom confirms what many expected: PC gamers will not see Grand Theft Auto 6 on the same date as console players.

gta 6 logo with text reading coming 2025
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This news is disappointing yet unsurprising as most Rockstar releases like GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2 were released on PC a year or two after the console versions. Possibly, the decision has been made once more to delay a PC release.

Why? A flattering interpretation would be that Rockstar wants gamers to experience it as true to their vision as possible. A PC release would quickly spawn a modding community intent on chopping and changing anything they could get their hands on.

A more cynical view would be that Rockstar knows that many who pick the game up on console, will also be interested in the PC version, in large part because of modding potential, and two sales are better than one.

GTA 6 screen grab showing two characters one male, one female brandishing firearms
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Whatever the reasoning for a console first launch, the PC community has kept GTA V alive for years with the popular RP servers, where fans can roleplay with others in the world of GTA V. We are sure that when GTA 6 eventually comes to PC, the community will be hard at work bringing RP to the streets of Vice City.

Screen grab from GTA 6 trailer showing woman in bikini standing at a pool
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No doubt there will be plenty more stories coming from GTA 6 over the following weeks and months as we await the launch, so be sure to stick with us at Stealth for all the info.

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