Gray Zone Warfare Roadmap – All Planned Updates and Additions to GZW

Three soldiers in full camo gear walking down a road, each one carrying a rifle.
Credit: MADFINGER Games

Three soldiers in full camo gear walking down a road, each one carrying a rifle.
Credit: MADFINGER Games

As the new tactical shooter from MADFINGER Games continues to grow in popularity, players are keen to know what to expect from the game as time goes on. With this Gray Zone Warfare roadmap, we’ll be taking a glimpse at all the updates and additions that are on their way - directly from the developer.

Whether you’re a longtime fan of tactical shooters or your first time dipping your toes into the genre, it pays to know what lies ahead for games like Gray Zone Warfare. There’s already a good number of weapons and gear to pick up and map POIs to find, but more content is definitely making it into the game.

So, let’s go ahead and find out what’s to come in future updates in the Gray Zone Warfare roadmap.

Gray Zone Warfare Roadmap

Here’s the most up-to-date Gray Zone Warfare roadmap leading to full release:

  • Additional locations and biomes for its already expansive map
  • Ground Zero, an endgame area with high-level enemies and additional storylines that is currently inaccessible since approaching it will give you radiation poisoning
  • Improved enemy AI, allowing them to adapt to certain situations based on things like enemy type, time of day, and weather conditions
  • Faction-based AI that will affect patrols, quests, and scavenging
  • Additional updates to progression and reputation systems for factions
  • Environmental storytelling that will help with your immersion into the game
  • An improved quest system for both the main storyline and side content
  • Seasonal events to keep things fresh
  • A deep, resource-intensive crafting system to aid in the survival of players
  • Dynamic weather that will impact gameplay, forcing players to adapt at any given moment
  • Accelerated day and night cycle
  • A skill system that puts more emphasis on player achievements rather than grinding through the game
  • Personal quarters that players can customize
  • Weapon and gear customization so that players can give their equipment their own personal touch
  • A complex trading system between players

This GZW roadmap was revealed by the developer in the game's Discord server and showcases all the major features planned to be added between Early Access and full release. From seasonal events and dynamic weather to customizable player housing, there’s plenty to look forward to, and even more content is bound to come our way as time goes on.

On that note, don't forget that Gray Zone Warfare is currently in Early Access, meaning players can access the game but the content is limited. This is done to help the developers polish the game before its official release, especially as future content needs to be tested as well. While the developer has not set a timescale for the Gray Zone roadmap, you can expect to see some of these features slowly added during the Early Access period. Nevertheless, this is what the developers are hoping for by the time it's ready for the full version 1.0 release.

Firing a gun while aiming down its sight in Gray Zone Warfare.
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Credit: MADFINGER Games. Screenshot taken by Stealth Optional.

Gray Zone Warfare Early Access Content

Now that we know what’s coming to Gray Zone Warfare thanks to the roadmap, let’s go over what’s currently in the Early Access build:

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  • Three PMC factions that support up to 48 players with a maximum of 16 players per faction
  • PvEvP multiplayer action with four-player squads
  • A large open world map called Lamang, which is based on Laos
  • AI enemies populating the many points of interest
  • Realistic external and terminal ballistics simulation
  • Firearm recoil simulation based on real-world data
  • A health system designed to simulate damage effects
  • 150 quests available from six different vendors, each with reputation levels to progress through
  • Eight customizable weapons with over 400 interchangeable parts
  • 80 different pieces of gear, from body armor to bags, belts, and helmets
  • Character/account progression
  • Character creation and apparel customization options
  • Social features such as VOIP
Standing in front of an abandoned shop with a body sprawled out on the floor to the side
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Credit: MADFINGER Games

How Long Will Gray Zone Warfare Be in Early Access?

Madfinger Games hasn’t provided any concrete information on this just yet but they have stated that Early Access for Gray Zone Warfare may span several years, as explained in the game's Discord server. We’ll be sure to update this guide once more information becomes available.

And that’s the Gray Zone Warfare roadmap so that you know what to expect from future updates. For more on the tactical shooter, you may want to see if the game is heading to PS5 or Xbox or check out the best Gray Zone Warfare settings that will help fix performance issues.

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