GPD Win 4 is getting a huge hardware update with AI improvements

The GPD Win 4 handheld on a yellow and blue wallpaper

The GPD Win 4 handheld on a yellow and blue wallpaper

An upgraded version of the GPD Win 4 featuring the Ryzen 7 8840U is entering mass production, and should be released to fans by the end of February 2024. As the first gaming handheld to use the new Ryzen 7 8850U, the GPD Win 4 will have access to advanced AI processing in comparison to its prior unit.

Originally, the GPD Win 4 used a still-beefy Ryzen 7 7840U, which performed almost identically with its newer counterpart. Both SoCs use the integrated Radeon 780M iGPU, the same GPU found in the ASUS ROG Ally specs and the 3DS-like AYANEO Flip. While technically more powerful than the Valve Steam Deck, it still has to deal with Windows 11.

While GPD hasn’t officially stated what the extra AI processing power is for, it could prove useful for the oncoming addition of Windows Automatic Super Resolution. While the recent upscaling battle has been between FSR vs DLSS, the new Windows alternative will take advantage of AI hardware to upscale tech like DLSS does instead of FSR’s more rudimentary technology.

The rest of the GPD Win 4 is essentially identical to its previous version. This means that fans will be able to use the device’s full pull-out keyboard to type out Google Docs like they’re using a bizarre alternate-reality Blackberry. Furthermore, the device has a small optical trackpad, like a miniature version of the Steam Deck’s trackpads, to control RTS games and the Windows UI.

The device also retains the system’s gorgeous 6-inch IPS 1080p display with the same vivid colour science. This means that games that can run at full HD, such as emulated games or older titles, will look phenomenal on this device.

GPD’s latest handheld can also connect to the company’s revamped GPD G1, a lightweight external GPU that can support higher refresh rates, fast charging and more to give the handheld more power. Also available to use on other handhelds that support external GPUs, the G1 will be getting a bunch of improvements in a new revision launching alongside the new Win 4.

While the Valve Stam Deck, ROG Ally, Legion Go and MSI Claw have taken the spotlight in recent years, GPD should be praised for essentially kicking off the handheld PC gaming race alongside companies like AYANEO. The original GPD Win was a true step forward for the market, and it’s true that devices like the Steam Deck wouldn’t exist without it.

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