Google Runway AI creates videos from your images for free in-browser

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We’ve seen numerous AI art tools over the past few years and it looks like Google wants in on that fun. The Google Runway AI has always been a video editing software used by many, but a new feature now lets it make videos with still images.

Features like this are always fun for users, especially those that like to make content for their social media accounts. It doesn’t seem to be a major change in filmography or photography but there’s always a chance that the feature gets people into the art form.

Now that the Google Runway AI allows users to make videos from still images, it will be interesting to see what features are added in the future. For now, users will be able to edit their videos to their heart’s content, as long as they have the matching images to make it work.

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Runway announced the feature on social media, showing a short video that gives us an example of how the still image videos are going to work. Called Frame Interpolation, this feature seamlessly gathers all these images and turns them into a short video, mimicking the action that was being done.

Unsurprisingly, an AI is involved with the making of these videos, which goes in line with what Runway has been advertising. The company has made it clear that AI is a major part of its operations, hence some of the impressive generated images we’ve seen online.

Admittedly, this method isn’t going to be used to make new movies or anything like that, but the technology is impressive and will keep users curious. Hopefully, this leads to people getting inspired and they decide to pursue the fine arts but that depends on the person.

Google Runway can be used now by anyone, as signing up for the program is currently free.

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