How to create AI images on Google Gemini

 How to create AI images on Google Gemini
Credit: Google

 How to create AI images on Google Gemini
Credit: Google

Google’s Gemini (formerly Bard) AI model officially supports AI image generation. Previously, the AI model was limited to text generation but now it will let you generate images completely free. You just have to provide the detailed prompt for your desired output like styles, colours, and elements, and then Google Bard generates the results in no time.

Unlike MideJourney and Jasper AI, the Google Bard doesn’t charge you anything. It allows unlimited AI image generation and you can customize the initial prompt until you get your desired output.

In this comprehensive guide, we explain how to create AI images with Google Gemini. So let's get started.

How to create AI images on Google Gemini

Creating AI images on Google Gemini is a very straightforward task. You just have to provide a clear prompt to the Gemini starting with generate/create anything you would like and then it will generate AI images for you. If you do not specify about generating an image, Google’s Gemini might end up explaining your prompt.

Google uses its self-developed AI text-to-image diffusion model called Imagen 2 for generating AI-powered images. The AI model Gemini adds a SynthID watermark on every AI-generated image that humans can't see with their bare eyes.

Step 1

  • Launch the browser on your PC
  • Go to the Google Gemini website and register yourself.
How to create AI images on Google Gemini
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Step 2

  • Once, the registration is done; you are all set to use the Gemini AI model
  • Click on the “Enter a prompt here” section and type anything that you would like but keep in mind that always use generate/create at the beginning of your prompt.
  • Once you enter the detailed prompt, Google Gemini quickly generates your desired output within seconds.

For better results, use specific words while entering prompts like styles, colours, elements, and lightning.

Google Gemini also offers an image upload option that helps Gemini to get an overview of your desired output. You can also modify the generated result until you get the exact output you imagined.

Google Gemini is a great free way to generate AI images in no time. However, the AI model is at its beginner stage and doesn't offer you advanced results like other AI models like MidJourney. If you want to experience how the AI image generation model works, Google's Gemini is the best AI model you can try.

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