GoldenEye 007 on Xbox is the most broken game of 2023

goldeneye 007 on xbox is the most broken game of 2023
Credit: Rare

goldeneye 007 on xbox is the most broken game of 2023
Credit: Rare

The GoldenEye 007 re-release on Xbox might just be the buggiest game in 2023. Granted, that isn’t saying a lot since we’re only a month in, but some of the bugs for this re-release are jarring.

A post from Twitter user Graslu00 revealed that the re-release of this N64 classic has bugs that weren’t in the original version. From what can be seen, the game’s collision detection is flat-out broken, with enemies merging in the walls and making them harder to shoot. Knowing that this bug wasn’t in the N64 version makes it even more hilarious.

Even funnier is that this bug actually brings back something that couldn’t be in the original GoldenEye 007 on N64. Graslu00 claims that the broken collison detection has brought back two guards who were supposed to appear with Jaws. Apparently, they didn’t spawn in the original game because their pads were too close to the walls.

While an announcement hasn’t been made yet, we wouldn’t be surprised if an update is being planned to fix this. That’s one of the brighter aspects of modern gaming and we expect to see a solution sooner or later. For now, fans can enjoy how silly it is to see henchmen get stuck on walls.

Originally, many saw the re-release on Xbox as the superior version. Gamers appreciated that they could use a modern control scheme, due to how awkward the N64 controls were. While the Switch version doesn’t allow for right analog stick camera control, it also doesn’t have these bugs.

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Fans of the N64 era have been clamoring for the re-release of GoldenEye 007, even if it is an aged shooter. The game doesn’t really hold up now when compared to other shooters but we’re sure nostalgic fans can enjoy it for what it is. We’ve seen other games with the GoldenEye name try to capitalize on that nostalgia but they quickly went by the wayside.

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