Give me Strength moments: Speeding into trouble (Sponsored)

Racing is all about going fast. And yet sometimes, you’re just not allowed! From an insanely tight corner to diving into the pits, trying to be the fastest can often lead to trouble.

When all your hard work is undone by a heavy right foot we all need some strength. Trebor and their Extra Strong mints are here to give racing fans the straight-talking confidence to come together and call out the nonsense of losing seconds thanks to being 1km too fast. 

Our racing experts share their Give Me Strength moments when it comes to watching their speedo, from seething at Spa to Monaco struggles, it’s something that they are very familiar with!

Got a Give Me Strength track limits moment of your own? Reply to our posts on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook with a clip, image, or comment and you could win a brand new G923 steering wheel courtesy of Trebor. Just be sure to include #GiveMeStrength in your post.

Spa-rking rage

Spa-Francorchamps is perhaps the most iconic circuit in the world. Set deep in the Ardennes it has hosted amazing races at nearly every level for a long, long time now.

The circuit has changed a lot over the years, but the current layout still holds a lot of the old Spa magic. What it also holds though, is a nightmare of a pit entry. The narrow, slow, and awkward entry comes mid-way through the final chicane, and even if you aren’t pitting it can cause a problem with slower-than-usual cars sitting on the apex.

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If you are pitting then you need to swing back on yourself to set up for the entry, where it’s a slow crawl through the narrow gap to avoid damage. Good luck not losing time!

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Monaco hairpin

The slowest corner in F1 is a pain for everyone. Not only do virtual races often result in a traffic jam at the famous Loews Hairpin, but it takes ultra-precision to get your car round without knocking your front wing off.

Go a touch too fast and you won’t even make it to the exit as the armco barrier awaits to embrace you.

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The hairpin isn’t the only corner that can bite back if you aren’t careful with your speed though.

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Baku blues

When it comes to pit entries, nothing surprises you like the one at Baku.

Located most of the way down the massive back straight, you are doing over 200 mph by the time you peel off for the pit lane. You’d think it would be a simple entry, but no! There’s a rogue little chicane in there too slow you down.

Misjudge it and you’ll be needing a front wing change in your pitstop too. Slow too much and you’ll lose time, but take it too fast and it will be a speeding penalty… What a nightmare.

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The wild pit entry isn’t the only place you need to be careful with your speed in Baku, as walls await everywhere.

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Let us know your Give Me Strength moments

Think we missed something? Got a speeding moment in sim racing that has you asking for strength? Why not pop a Trebor Extra Strong mint and find the straight-talking confidence to speak up about your Give Me Strength moment!

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Look out for the next Give Me Strength moments episode, where we will be announcing the lucky winner of the competition!

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