Get paid to play games: OPSYS is hiring a full-time gamer on a year-long contract

Finding a job in certain industries at present is similar to finding a needle in a haystack, but if we see one available, we want to make sure it can be seen to give you a chance of applying if you're finding it difficult.

This is where OPSYS comes in, a gaming PC maker who are advertising a job that doesn't strictly require qualifications, but passion instead, and good knowledge on games.

If there's one positive to take from the last year, its the many companies have realised that remote working is definitely a good attribute to have for job roles, and OPSYS have taken this in their stride with this role.

With that, lets look into what the job entails, and how to apply.

What's the Job?

The job title is 'Full-Time Gamer'. Yes, that really is the title.

They list the benefits as:

  • A full-time position where you play games on your own OPSYS, the world’s most OP gaming system
  • Remote working via the magic of fibre optics
  • I heard there might be cake

The full description of the job role can be found on their site, where the salary is £30,000 for a 12 month contract.

The deadline for applications is the 9th April, with interviews taking place on the 12th July.

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How to Apply

Perhaps OPSYS want to do the job process a bit different this time, and 'a bit different' is certainly the way they're going here.

Here's what the application process entails:

  • Post a 60-second video (YouTube, Twitch, IG) letting the world know why you deserve to be the world’s first and only OUX Engineer and get paid to play video games all day on the most OP systems.
  • Tag @OPSYS_gaming on social and use the hashtag #GamerDreamJob 
  • Previous experience in anything but gaming will need explanation.

Again, you can look at more details here about the job role, but it could be a perfect job for many.

If you're wanting to bring in your gaming experience to a job, now's the time to go for it.

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