Gearbox teases Borderlands movie during E3

Gearbox Software showed fans an early glimpse of the Borderlands movie in development this weekend during its E3 conference. 

Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford and director Eli Roth took fans behind the scenes, providing a very brief glimpse at the upcoming movie.

The Borderlands movie has been in development for some time. It will roughly follow the events of the first game, but will be set in a different, non-canonical universe.

In the clip shown during E3, Randy Pitchford confirmed the film is almost 3/3 finished shooting. 

A brief teaser

The E3 behind-the-scenes clip didn’t show any clips of the movie, but Pitchford did show a Vladof Inifinity prop. Vladof is a brand of weapons in the game, and an important part of the moment-to-moment gameplay.

Direct Eli Roth said he and Pitchford want the film to “be like a gateway drug for non-Borderlands fans.”

There is no confirmed release date for the movie, although fans can expect it to arrive in 2022. Considering the film is still currently in production, it likely won’t release until later on next year.

There’s also a very brief tease of Arianna Greenblatt as Tiny Tina, although a censor has been placed over her in post-production. 

Casting announcements 

One of the movie’s primary protagonists, Jamie-Lee Curtis, announced the casting with a number of images on Instagram a few weeks ago.

Jamie-Lee Curtis will play Dr. Patricia Tannis. Arianna Greenblatt will play Tiny Tina, Kevin Hart will star as Roland, Florian Munteanu will portray Krieg and Jack Black will voice the iconic Claptrap.

The Borderlands movie was announced some time ago, but the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic paused production on the film. Members of the crew and cast can be seen wearing masks on set in the E3 clip. 

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