Flying car drag races are now a thing, and they could be a future motorsport

The sci-fi dream of flying cars is swiftly becoming a realistic aspect of our future. With projects like AirCar creating convertible land and air vehicles, the flying car is no longer a futuristic dream. But what if we could race those cars?

Well, Australian air vehicle company Alauda Racing has you covered. In a bid to kick off the future of motorsports, Alauda is creating a tournament for flying car races. However, they’re not quite as they seem.

Alauda flying car races aren’t quite what they seem

While the aforementioned AirCar is undoubtedly a flying car, Alauda’s offerings aren’t quite that. For starters, they’re unmanned. Secondly, they look more like car-sized drones than actual flying four-wheel roadsters.

Nevertheless, the electric VTOL vehicles are still wonderous to watch unfold. In promotion of the company’s upcoming EXA racing series, a short drag race was filmed between two of their vehicles.

The short minute-long video takes place in a long stretch of the Australian outback. Away from civilisation, the two massive drones raced from one side of the desert stretch to the other. It’s exhilarating and humorous to watch as two massive drones buzz across the air.

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Manned crafts with force fields

Via Futurism, Alauda is working on creating the Mk4 VTOL. This will mark the company’s first manned craft, one that is situated firmly in the hypercar category. The vehicles can allegedly go from 0-62mph in just 2.3 seconds.

However, to protect manned pilots from would-be incidents in-air, the company is working on creating force fields for each car. These force fields are entirely virtual, repelling rival vehicles with software to limit crashes. However, the tech will allow the racers to get “really close”.

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