FlippyDrive is a solderless GameCube modchip and game loader for under $40

An open GameCube with a flippydrive modchip installed

An open GameCube with a flippydrive modchip installed

The GameCube modding scene is back in vogue, and new solderless modchip FlippyDrive is the best option for those who don’t want to massively modify their Nintendo console.

An optical disc emulator for the original GameCube, FlippyDrive interfaces with the stock disc drive to allow players to load game ISOs from a MicroSD card without having to solder anything to the console’s motherboard.

Available to use with the stock disc drive still attached, unlike most disc emulators, the FlippyDrive mod chip also loads a custom CubeBoot UI that keeps the gorgeous GameCube design philosophy. The custom UI also has the benefit of making your console region free, allowing you to load both ISOs and discs from anywhere in the world on your device.

To connect a FlippyDrive modchip into your console, you will have to open up your device. However, you only need to insert a simple ribbon cable into the disc drive interface and mount the mod chip to the side of your console. After that, you’ll be able to load any game you want on the long-discontinued Nintendo console.

Another feature of the chip is WiFi game loading, allowing you to easily boot games onto the SD card without taking the top off your GameCube again. Additionally, the device will launch with an Ethernet add-on to make this feature even simpler.

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While the addition of a solderless modchip is already incredible, the FlippyDrive is also incredibly affordable. On launch, the chip will cost just $38, making it one of the best bangs for your buck even if you don’t mind soldering a chip onto your console’s motherboard.

At the time of writing, some pre-production versions of the device have been shipped to some content creators (take a look below). The GameCube FlippyDrive modchip will be available sometime later in Q1 2024. You can currently sign up to purchase the device here.

While GameCube modding has seen a huge resurgence over the past few years, this device is one of the most exciting new products for the console ever. Only possible with a modern design, the FlippyDrive looks to be an essential tool for GameCube users.

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