Flight Simulator Xbox One: When will Microsoft Flight Simulator come to Xbox One?

The newest entry to the nearly-forty-year franchise was released yesterday to glowing reviews, with many YouTube videos showing off the multiplayer-aspects and others just randomly flying through cities to see if their home was recreated in the game.

With the game ‘flying-high’ with players new and old to the series, the heads are now turning to what could be coming up to the runway of the game in its roadmap.

There’s already confirmation of helicopters, VR Support and other airports appearing in the game soon, but there’s also confirmation of an ‘Xbox’ release to come.

With that, lets look at when that could debut, and when cross play could even occur for it.

Gaining Flight to Xbox One

The series has never seen a console release, even though we are nearly forty years into the series debuting on many IBM PC’s back in the day, and the Xbox has been a staple for almost twenty years now.

For the series to debut on a console merely shows how far we’ve come in graphics, gameplay and multiplayer; the time is now for it to appear on Xbox. But of course, we are also on the cusp of a November release for the newest entry, the ‘Xbox Series X’.

With the game already on Game Pass, is simply a matter of time for the developers to announce the Xbox version. Let’s not forget; the Xbox One and Series X are essentially custom-built PC’s; it’s not going to be a mammoth task to port the game to the console, especially if the plan has always been to release it on console regardless.

But the coming release could also take into account the feedback from the PC version; bugs, improvements, and certain DLC could already be in the works that could see a ‘day one’ release on the console version, further appealing players to look to the console version when the Series X releases.

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Crossplaying to the PC Race

There’s also the question of cross play with its unique multiplayer aspects. It surely should be an easy option to communicate with PC players, and maybe even xCloud players if the game comes to the service as well.

The other factor is playing the game with a controller; many players are using joysticks on the PC version, so one can’t help but wonder if there will be some third-party joysticks when the game releases on Xbox.

Alongside all this, the release date could be a November release to help the launch of the Series X. Now that Halo: Infinite is delayed, Microsoft needs all the games it can for the launch-period, and a game like Flight Simulator may be one of the best attributes for Xbox during that time.

But for now at least, if you have a PC and Game Pass, you can’t go wrong in trying out the game, even with a controller to give you a great idea of how the game can work before its inevitable Xbox release in the autumn.

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