Skype javascript error - how to fix sign-in issue

Skype javascript error - skype logo

Skype javascript error - skype logo

Skype is an essential app if one wants to use it both to keep in touch with friends and also for the office. But unfortunately, similarly to apps like Discord which has sound issues and server problems, the app also might be prone to technical issues. Such as Skype Javascript error.

Skype is not anymore the preferred app to communicate over the internet, but it is still widely used and comes easy to use with Windows.

But if you've been having problems with the Skype Javascript error, let's see what to do to fix it.

How to fix the Skype Javascript error

Since this is a problem relating to the desktop version, a quick fix would be to use the Windows App version which does not use Javascript. But perhaps, you want to use the desktop version anyway so let's see a couple of quick fixes.

There is an essential component you need to install: Microsoft .NET framework. Installing the latest update to the .NET framework might definitely solve the issue. Reinstalling the app might also clearly work in solving the problem.

You might also want to check Windows update for any updates to Javascript that might help you in solving the issue. Finally, disabling the two-step verification has been reported by some users to solve the sign-in issue, at least momentarily you might want to disable it.

What is the Skype Javascript error?

This is an error that happens while trying to sign in to Skype. The error reports:

Microsoft account requires JavaScript to sign in. This web browser either does not support JavaScript, or scripts are being blocked. To find out whether your browser supports JavaScript, or allows scripts, see the browser’s online help.

This error might be caused by several issues such as a wrong Skype installation, outdated Windows or essential services missing, such as the .NET framework.

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