How To Fix An Air Mattress Hole

How To Fix An Air Mattress Hole

How To Fix An Air Mattress Hole

If you are looking for ways to fix the air mattress hole that you found recently, then read on!

Waking up in the middle of the night on your deflated air mattress is no fun. Air mattresses tend to lose air over time, but if yours doesn’t stay inflated or loses too much air, you're probably dealing with a hole. Thankfully, you won’t have to toss your mattress out in the trash when it gets leaky, and we’re here to help.

Luckily, there are several ways that you can fix a leak or hole in an air mattress. In this article, we will discuss some of the common and easiest methods to fix an air mattress hole. Let's get started!

How To Fix An Air Mattress Hole With A Patch Kit

The most common way to fix an air mattress hole is to patch the hole with a piece of thin plastic or rubber. Many air mattresses come with a patch kit, but if yours doesn't, you can buy one at your local store or on Amazon. A professional patch kit contains glue, sandpaper, and patches for air mattresses.

Assuming that you have already found the hole and possess the patch kit in your hands, let's discuss how to patch it.

  1. Completely deflate the mattress.
  2. Clean and dry the area around your leak so that the patch will adhere firmly.
  3. Cut out a patch one and a half times the size of your hole.
  4. Apply the patch following the manufacturer’s directions.
  5. Press firmly on the patch with even pressure for at least 30 seconds.
  6. Lay a heavy, flat object on top of the patch for 2-3 hours to let the glue dry on the patch.
  7. Finally, inflate the mattress and check for leak(s).

Hopefully, the leak(s) will have been fixed! You can now go to sleep without the worries of waking up on a saggy bed.

How To Fix A Hole In An Air Mattress Without A Patch Kit

If you do not have a professional patch kit at your disposal or you are not keen on buying one, you can still fix your own mattress with household things. You can use a piece of a shower curtain or other durable plastic as a patch. For adhesive, superglue, KrazyGlue, or Gorilla Glue will do the job.

Assuming that you have all the necessary tools and materials, let's start fixing.

  1. Deflate the mattress completely.
  2. Clean and dry the leaky area so that the patch will adhere firmly.
  3. Cut out a DIY patch roughly one and a half times bigger than your hole.
  4. Attach the DIY patch with strong glue.
  5. Press your patch into the glue and hold it there for at least 30 seconds.
  6. Place a heavy object on top of the patch and return in 6-8 hours.
  7. Inflate the mattress and check for leaks.

Bear in mind that DIY fixes may void your warranty, so proceed with caution. Keep your warranty intact by only using patch kits provided by the manufacturer, or sending the mattress back to them for repair.

How To Patch An Air Mattress With Duct Tape

You can patch up the hole in your air mattress with duct tape. But don't use regular duct tape, which is usually made of polyester. Use duct tape that's made from a material called "rubberized polyurethane" (RPU), which is a little more flexible and durable than standard duct tape.

After you deflate the mattress and clean off the leaky area, cut a piece of duct tape large enough to cover the puncture and some space around it and apply it to the degreased surface. That's it! Now inflate your mattress and have a peaceful night's sleep.

Note that this is a temporary fix as the glue on the duct tape tends to lose its grip over time, and it will eventually dry out and fall off. So, you might need to repatch the hole periodically. Consider one of the permanent fixes mentioned in the sections above if you want to save time and effort.

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