Five times super heroes were far more explicit than DC says

DC was in the news recently for cancelling a sex scene between Batman and Catwoman. The supposed scene would have seen Batman performing oral sex on Catwoman. 

DC were not happy about the scene, and demanded that the director remove it, claiming that “Super heroes don’t do that”.

The thing about that is, super heroes do. There are countless examples of super heroes being thirsty. Just look back across years of comics and you’ll see numerous times when saving the universe was the lowest priority.

We took a look through some moments where super heroes definitely did that, proving DC doesn’t know what it is talking about. 

5. Batman and Black Canary do the do while burning people

Batman and Catwoman have a pretty storied history when it comes to affairs between the sheets. It's a relationship that has lasted for decades, often resulting in tantalising sex scenes for DC readers. However, Batman hasn't only slept with Selina Kyle. In fact, the Caped Crusader has slept with a large number of DC characters, including fellow hero Black Canary.

In one of the darker Batman comics, Batman and Black Canary go at it on a pier which they’ve set alight, which is also filled with the countless thugs they’ve just battered. As far as “sexual, but very disturbing” comic moments go, we’d wager burning people alive while doing the naughty probably ranks at the top. It certainly makes what DC turned down seem pretty tame in comparison.

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As far as we know, heroes definitely don't do that!

4. Dr. Manhattan has a threesome that includes himself

Given his pretty much limitless power, there isn’t much Dr. Manhattan can’t do. See multiple timelines at once? Check. Fly to the moon and chill? Check. Create a clone version of yourself to have a threesome with your wife? Big check. 

Dr. Manhattan’s nudity was commonplace in the comic, so much so that it also became a large part - heh- of his character in The Watchmen TV series from a few years ago. The three-way sex scene was also recreated in live action in the TV scene. A three way between two clones and their partner is apparently fine, but Batman going down on Catwoman? That’s too much.  

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3. Midnighter & Apollo have a night of passion 

A rare example of a gay sex scene in the DC comics lore. Midnighter and Apollo go at it after doing some washing up together. In what is definitely one of the most grounded examples in this article, the sex scene between the two feels incredibly human. After doing the deed, the two discuss each other’s past in a moment that feels incredibly personal.

It’s a moment that reminds us how even though these are superhuman beings, they still retain many of their human needs. One of those needs is intimacy, and the two heroes share a rare moment of that here.

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2. Iron Man and Black Widow accidentally record a sex tape 

It isn’t just DC super heroes who end up excessively horny. Marvel has also had its fair share of hook-ups. While this would certainly never happen in the current Marvel cinematic Universe, there was one time when Natasha Romanoff and Tony Stark hooked up. To make matters worse, the pair were caught by a hacked security camera, meaning the entire world was aware of their relationship. 

The footage ends up being broadcasted by major networks like CNN and ABC, showing that even super heroes aren’t immune from the prying eyes of the global media.

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1. Ant-Man & The Wasp 

There was also that one time the Ant-Man shrunk down so he could - and I’m sorry for writing this - go inside The Wasp. The comic strip showed him emerging some time later, after showing The Wasp writhing in pleasure. That that, DC Rebirth!

What makes this example so interesting is just how family friendly the new series of films is. Disney is not going to be in any rush to recreate this one in live action. Furthermore, the sex act depicted is far more graphic than the act of cunnilingus DC is so ashamed of. Marvel does what DC won't.

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Why? – Ed

DC, let superheroes bang!

DC’s conservative stance on the sex scene between Batman and Catwoman goes against the legacy of Batman and comics in general. Whether they want to use Batman to sell toys or not, it only takes a few moments to anyone to find numerous, graphic depictions of sex between Batman and numerous female companions. 

What I’m really trying to say is, just let everyone bang already! And let men be the one pleasuring women in super hero properties for once. 

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