Fire Emblem Engage - best rings for each character

Fire Emblem Engage - best rings for each character

Fire Emblem Engage - best rings for each character

The old saying goes "if you liked it, you should have put a ring on it". Wait, was that an old saying? Well anyway, in the latest entry in the Fire Emblem series, it's important to pair each character with the relative Emblem rings. But what are the best pairings? Here are the best rings for each Fire Emblem Engage character.

While it is important to plan around and deploy your team, along with knowing which are the best units to use, there are a number of extra mechanics in the game that, used correctly, can give you that required extra boots to the characters and allow you to win a difficult battle.

But there are only a limited number of rings, so let's take a look at which are the best rings for Fire Emblem Engage characters.

The best rings for Fire Emblem Engage characters

Our list takes into consideration a unit which has been brought to Level 20 and offers the most efficient choice next to other possible combinations. Here are all the emblems in the game and the characters who will use them efficiently.

  • Byleth: Hortensia is probably the best choice for this ring which gives an extra turn, with Alear also a good one if you want some battle support;
  • Celica: For this Emblem, you definitely want to pair a Sage with it, so Celine or Lindon might definitely be good choices;
  • Corrin: Considering this Emblem prioritizes HP and initial attacks, a good choice is Veyle, with Merrin and Hortensia also possible alternatives;
  • Edelgard: This DLC emblem makes a flying unit more efficient, so the obvious choices would be Ivy or Hortensia;
  • Eirika: A good choice for units which carry lances, you might want to pair this with Mauvier or Rosado, which can stand a hit or two;
  • Ike: An Emblem that will enable your unit to survive more attacks than usual, you might want to pair it with Diamant or Jade;
  • Leif: An Emblem that will benefit units with high dodge, pair this with Jade, Alear, or Saphir;
  • Lucina: Since this Emblem favours unit which is kept on the frontlines, you want to pair this with Alear or Boucheron;
  • Lyn: This is one definitely for archers or units in the back which can double their attack possibilities, pair this with Alcryst or Ivy;
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  • Marth: The first Emblem ring you get and one that can be given to a lot of different units to enhance their skills, try it with Alear or Diamant;
  • Micaiah: Clearly one for the healers or magic users in your team, so they have a chance to stay alive and be useful, use this on Anna or Framme;
  • Roy: This will enable your unit to stay alive more, definitely one for the more tank units of the group like Vander, Louis or Alfred;
  • Sigurd: Allowing greater ease of movement, this ring can benefit units which can now move around and sting like bees, like Louis or Folgado;
  • Tiki: The second DLC emblem allows for great stat growth, so pair this with Alear or Jean. See how to unlock Tiki.

Clearly, you might want to experiment a bit with the ring pairings, but always try to keep in mind that they are - with a few exceptions - destined to enhance the skills of a particular class of characters.

What are Emblems in Fire Emblem Engage?

These rings are a new mechanic created specifically for Fire Emblem Engage. They contain the essence of the heroes who came before your time and can definitely make a difference in enhancing a character, giving unique skills and boosts.

There are twelve rings to find in the game (another two in the DLC, bringing the overall number to fourteen), which means that, with 36 characters in the game, there's only a limited number of pairings we can try.

This is all the information you need to decide on which are the best Emblem pairings in the game. If you want to get the most out of the game, also check out our guides on how to change difficulty settings and when to promote your units.

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