Final Fantasy XVI will melt your pricey PS5

Final Fantasy XVI will melt your pricey PS5 Final Fantasy fire and character

Final Fantasy XVI will melt your pricey PS5 Final Fantasy fire and character

It is not only the heatwave, but also the Final Fantasy XVI demo that’s responsible for heating up your house. Several users have been reporting issues with their PlayStation 5 consoles overheating during particular moments of the game’s well-received demo.

If you've been seeing guides on how to open up your PlayStation and clean the vents, then you might find the culprit in the Final Fantasy XVI demo. Apparently, there are some particular heavy duty moments that seem to push the PlayStation 5 to its limits, so much so that consoles are shutting down.

YouTuber Suzi Hunter reported a very similar problem while playing what she referred to as a "game that isn't out yet", on Twitter. The YouTuber claimed that during a boss fight her “PS5 overheat[ed] so much that it just turned off completely at the end of the fight".

The creator also recommended that if one has had a PlayStation 5 for a while, "to get a Torx security screw driver T8 or T9 heads and seriously open that thing up and just clean that fan and heat sink".

Other users on Resetera mentioned having very similar problems, like being presented with an overheating warning from the console. With many gamers being in the UK, where a heatwave has hit particularly hard these last few weeks, the problem seems to be showing up in other games as well.

Others are also reporting issues with the recent Lies of P demo and also past games such as Forspoken. It seems that it might be a good idea to definitely check up on that heat sink, apparently it is not even necessary to go ahead and do any other complicated maneuvers, as just opening up the covers might be enough to get better airflow.

With games needing more and more horsepower, it is no wonder that users are having problem with their consoles overheating. Perhaps, we should just avoid AAA games for the entire Summer season and just play smaller indie titles instead?

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