Final Fantasy XIV update makes all story quests solo-compatible which is great news for loners

Final Fantasy XIV MMO character looking very softly in the corner

Final Fantasy XIV MMO character looking very softly in the corner

Square Enix’s phenomenally popular MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV is now entirely playable on your lonesome. If you’ve always wanted to play the brilliant FF MMO but don’t have any friends, you’re not alone, but also you’re not being catered to.

In Final Fantasy XIV patch 6.5, Square Enix has improved its existing Duty Support system to make all expansions playable in solo mode. Introduced in patch 6.1, the Duty Support feature made the game‘s launch story playable in solo, but now every story mission is.

Final Fantasy XIV’s main quest and expansions are now similar to other games in the series. Alongside your playable character, you’ll be joined by a group of NPC characters that will help you fight through dungeons, beat bosses and other story moments to experience the game’s beloved story.

Over the last few major patches, more expansions have received Duty Support compatibility. However, with the addition of patch 6.5, every single expansion’s story missions can now be played with a full crew of AI-controlled party members instead of real human players.

Every main quest in A Realm Reborn, Heavensward, Stormblood, Shadowbringers and Endwalker is now completely playable without any friends. If you can’t manage to grab a party to delve through the game’s entire narrative with you, these random NPCs will help you throughout your entire journey.

Final Fantasy XIV patch 6.5 also adds the previously revealed expanded free trial for the MMORPG. With the new free trial, you’ll be able to play up to the end of the game’s Stormblood expansion, and reach level 70, without spending a penny. Furthermore, Starter Edition owners have access to the entire Stormblood expansion for no additional cost.

Alongside these huge additions, patch 6.5 also introduces a wealth of bug fixes as well as new content. The new patch comes with an additional main scenario quest, the Lunar Subterrane dungeon, The Abyssal Fracture trial, Fight in the Singularity Reactor unreal trial, Myths of the Realm 3 alliance raid and more.

Final Fantasy XIV is also coming to Xbox consoles for the first time. With an open beta arriving sometime in the next few months, the MMO will finally make its Xbox debut. It’s about time.

You can reach the full patch notes for the MMO here.

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