Final Fantasy VII Remake PS4 vs PS5: What will the differences be, and which version should you play?

Square Enix's Final Fantasy VII is widely regarded as one of the best games of all-time. This put high expectations on the 2020 version- Final Fantasy VII Remake. However, one year on from its release, FFVIIR seems to have done the original justice, having been nominated for Game of the Year 2020 and selling over 5 million copies.

Following its successful release, Square Enix announced that the PS4 game is set to receive a PS5 upgrade on June 10, along with a new episode as part of the FinalFantasy VII Remake Intergrade version.

With that in mind, here's all the differences announced for the PS5 version, along with our suggestion about which version you should pick up.

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With any next-gen upgrade, graphical enhancements are always the main talking point, and Final Fantasy VII Remake is no different.

As shown off in its State of Play trailer, FFVIIR is subject to a number of visual enhancements, including improved lighting, textures, and fog effects. Players will also be able to choose between a 'Graphics Optimization Mode' that prioritises 4K graphics, and a 'Performance Optimization Mode' designed to prioritise a stable 60FPS frame rate, alongside raytracing support.

Of course, Final Fantasy VII was one of the best-looking PlayStation 4 games available, so any improvements are building on an already stunning game.

To make use of the visual upgrades, FFVIIR also includes a photo mode - a feature that it now seems more games have than don't. This includes the ability to add filters, pan outwards, and move the camera positioning.

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Loading Times

Players will now load into Midgar faster than ever before on the PlayStation 5. Thanks to the PS5's SSD, those extra-long Final Fantasy VII Remake loading times will be cut down when loading in from the start menu.

FFVIIR already had highly optimised loading times when in-game, with assets loading in the background during gameplay to alleviate the need for loading screens.

New Episode

The PS5 version of Final Fantasy VIIR includes a new chapter featuring fan-favourite character Yuffie - a playable character from the original game.

This bonus content will follow Yuffie attempting to steal materia from Shinra. This new storyline will likely give us some background as to what Yuffie has been doing in Midgar during the events of Final Fantasy VII Remake, and suggests she may be a mainstay in the next part of Final Fantasy VII Remake.

The Intergrade content will release alongside the PS5 update as paid DLC content.

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Which version should I buy?

If you already own Final Fantasy VII Remake, then there's likely no point buying the full game on the PlayStation 5, as players will be able to upgrade to the PS5 version for no additional cost. This will also include save transfers.

Given this, we'd strongly suggest that if you do not own a copy of the PS4 version but want to play FFVIIR on the PS5, that you buy a PlayStation 4 version for a cheaper price.

If you're unsure whether you want to splash out on Final Fantasy VIIR, the latest rumours suggest that the remake may be available as one of the free PS Plus games for March. The caveat here is that this version will not be eligible for a free PS5 upgrade, meaning the free PS Plus version will be unable to play the Intergrade episode.

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