Final Fantasy VII Rebirth lets Cloud Strife date one of the boys

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth lets Cloud Strife date one of the boys

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth lets Cloud Strife date one of the boys

Square Enix’s second installment of its Final Fantasy VII Remake will adapt the original game’s Gold Saucer date scene. For Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, protagonist Cloud Strife will have an extended pool of prospective dates, including some of the boys.

Speaking to Japanese outlet GameSpark, Rebirth director Naoki Hamaguchi revealed that the iconic FFVII scene will finally let Cloud Strife have a romantic moment with some of his homies. And fan fiction writers everywhere screamed (citation needed).

When asked who will be available in the pool of dating applicants during the remade Gold Saucer scene, Hamaguchi revealed that Cloud will be able to date more than just the series’ harem of iconic female characters.

“We can't reveal who exactly you can choose to go on a date with for spoiler reasons,” Hamaguchi explained. “But it won't just be with those of the opposite sex.”

Hamaguchi teased that the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth version of the Gold Saucer may be massively expanded over its original incarnation. While the PS1 version of the scene was over quite swiftly, this remade version may be significantly longer.

“We have a lot in store for this, so we hope that fans can look forward to it!” Hamaguchi explained to fans.

Final Fantasy fans have reacted to Hamaguchi’s reveal with a large degree of positivity. Fans have already expressed a desire to take the stoic, buff Barrett on a date, as well as the dour and mysterious Vincent and the gruff Cid.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will not only feature the ability to date one of the boys, but also will feature a large playable episode for Zack Fair, expanding the character’s personal story. Following the Crisis Core Remake, fans will be able to experience more of Zack’s tale.

FFVII Rebirth launches as a PlayStation 5 console exclusive on February 29, 2024. The game is also expected to come to PC sometime afterwards.

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