Final Fantasy 16 PC will not be Epic exclusive, thank God

final fantasy 16 pc will not be epic exclusive thank god
Credit: Square Enix

final fantasy 16 pc will not be epic exclusive thank god
Credit: Square Enix

Final Fantasy 16 is officially coming to PC but many fans are dreading that it might be an Epic Games exclusive. While nothing has been confirmed yet, some reliable sources have said that this probably won’t be the case.

The features editor of VG247 told fans on ResetEra that Square Enix’s controversial JRPG won’t be an Epic Games exclusive, not yet anyway. Although the editor admits that they could be wrong about this, the information given to them suggests otherwise.

Interestingly, some information about the Final Fantasy 16 DLC was also revealed. According to the VG247 leaker, the DLC will take place in the middle of the JRPG’s story, which is interesting. We still don’t know who the DLC will revolve around but we wouldn’t be surprised if Cid or Joshua take the spotlight.

Many fans were worried about the Epic Games exclusivity since it has happened with quite a few Square Enix games. In fact, the entire Kingdom Hearts series is still exclusive to Epic Games, with most Steam gamers missing out on Sora’s crossover adventures.

Titles like Stranger of Paradise and NEO: The World Ends With You were also temporary exclusives on Epic’s store. While both of these games eventually made it to Steam, Square Enix has yet to port the Kingdom Hearts series. Square Enix has since brought their games to Steam and Epic consecutively, with Kingdom Hearts being the only real outlier.

A PC port of Final Fantasy 16 wasn’t exactly a surprise since the game’s reveal trailer essentially confirmed it. When the JRPG’s first trailer was released, Square Enix said it would be a “PlayStation console exclusive,” teasing a PC port but not an Xbox Series one.

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Final Fantasy 16 is currently available as a PlayStation 5 exclusive, with the PC port likely coming next year. No release date for the DLC has been revealed, implying that they’ll be available next year.

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