Final Fantasy 16 was partially developed by Bayonetta’s PlatinumGames

final fantasy 16 partially developed by platinumgames

final fantasy 16 partially developed by platinumgames

Square Enix had a lot of help working on Final Fantasy 16, some of which came from Bayonetta developer PlatinumGames. Considering how combat-focused the new RPG game is, bringing Platinum’s crew on board makes a lot of sense.

During the game’s pre-release celebration stream, PlatinumGames CEO Atsushi Inaba revealed their involvement with the project. Apparently, the team only developed “a part” of the game but it was led by Takahia Taura, most known for Nier Automata.

“Takahisa Taura, who worked with Square Enix previously on Nier: Automata, led the development staff and the team on the PlatinumGames side. He powered through the development as a leader of the team, and I’m confident that the part we handled ended up being high-quality content.”

We still don’t know what this “part” of Final Fantasy 16 is but it should be of quality now with PlatinumGames working on it. Considering how the company worked on combat-heavy games like Bayonetta and the aforementioned Nier Automata, this was a good match.

Speaking of combat-heavy games, Square Enix also got the Kingdom Hearts team to lend their support. Their statement was similar to PlatinumGames, in that they developed “a part” of the game, and that part wasn’t specified.

Both Square Enix and PlatinumGames have collaborated quite a bit over the years, though not always to good results. Nier Automata was a good one, as it was able to juggle deep story beats with a really fun combat system. On the other side of that is Babylon’s Fall, which did so badly that the game is no longer playable.

Either way, we’re sure Platinum’s presence will be felt throughout once the game is released. There’s just so much to be excited about, whether it’s the assist-based combat or the pretty visuals, fans have plenty of reasons to be excited.

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Final Fantasy 16 is coming to the PlayStation 5 on June 22. The demo for this game was just released, so fans can have a taste of what’s to come.

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