Final Fantasy 16 has the most incest the series has ever seen

final fantasy 16 has the most incest the series has ever seen
Credit: Square Enix

final fantasy 16 has the most incest the series has ever seen
Credit: Square Enix

Final Fantasy 16 does a series first and includes incest in the canon, really showing the influence of Game of Thrones. This is probably due to the lifestyles of royal families in the past, but it’s still something we didn’t expect in the game.

Reddit users discovered that Anabella Rosfield, the mother of lead character Clive and his brother Joshua, married her cousin. Yup, you read that right, Clive and his brother are incest babies, whether you like it or not. This bit of trivia is actually in the character’s biography, so it’s legitimate.

Most already hated Anabella for her actions in the story and this won’t help things one bit. At the least, it gives Final Fantasy 16 fans something to make jokes about. Some fans are defending the move as well since it was common back in the day.

“Sweet home Valisthea,” sang SilentStudy7631.

“I knew GRRM (George R. R. Martin of Game of Thrones fame) had his hands in this,” said Crackedory.

“Clive hot af maybe incest ain’t so bad,” said Surca_Cirvive.

Let’s just be happy that Clive isn’t in an incest relationship since that’s the last thing we wanted to see in this game. Plus, with Clive growing up throughout the game’s story, we might not have to see Anabella for long. What’s funnier is that the incest isn’t even the worst thing she does in the story and that’s really impressive.

This story element is interesting, at the very least, but it won’t be the main thing that gets fans interested. Most are interested in the action-heavy gameplay because the combat is so good, especially with the Marvel vs Capcom influence. It’s also clear that the story is going to be a major focus and that’s not just because of the incest.

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Final Fantasy 16 will be coming to the PlayStation 5 next week, on June 22.

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